I hate first posts…

As the title suggests, I hate making the first post in a blog.  It always feels like a self-help group, or at least how they look on television.  “Hi, I’m Cat and…”  Well, alright then.  Hi, I’m Cat, and I’m trying to live frugally.

I suspect my reasons for living frugally are pretty similar to most people’s reasons.  My hubs and I don’t have a large income, so we need to be careful with our cash.  If we mind our p’s and q’s… or dollars and pennies… we can make ends meet, crossover, and save the extra.  Not MUCH extra, but extra.  Unfortunately we are not always so stellar at doing that.

One of our biggest problems is restaurant food.  It’s just way too easy to “grab a bite” when we are out.  Most days I do cook one meal, but since we eat more than once… we still tend to eat something from a restaurant.  That’s at the top of the list of frugal goals — to plan and execute TWO meals at home.  Hubs works overnight and goes to bed early in the morning, so we do our own thing in the mornings.  Then in the afternoon, we share a meal, and then a meal later in the evening.  Those two are the ones I am working diligently at having at home, 6 days a week.  The 7th day we grocery shop and have a later lunch out.

The other biggest problem is going out too often for “a thing”.  “A thing” turns into “all the things”, or at least “too many of the things”.  Thursday is our regular shopping day, and it is my goal to confine money spending to Thursday only, barring extremely special circumstances.  I know this isn’t going to happen every week, but it’s what I’m aiming for.

Another event that is happening on Thursday is The Great Thrift Store Fabric Hunt.  There’s a small thrift store here in Columbus that sells a fair bit of remnants of fabric.  They put it out pretty much daily, but I’m confining myself to going once a week and digging for treasure.  I just went yesterday and found some fun stuff.  Although when I got home with it, I noticed a considerable amount of it was white or cream.  But still, it’s fabric.  I can’t identify what KIND of fabric in some of the cases, however.  I am new to sewing and have a LOT to learn.  My Guru is a kind and patient lady who is walking me through the process and I’m loving it, but I’m trying to do it on as tight a shoestring budget as possible.

Our financial goals for right now is first to work up to 1 month of living expenses, then 3 months.  We have a gigantic bucket of loose change that, literally, has at least a grand in it.  Possibly $1500.  We keep it in a big bucket because it’s basically a giant emergency bucket.  We’re not going to count, roll and deposit a bucket of change for anything other than a genuine emergency. But I’m not counting that money at all, and I want to build up a month of living expenses beyond that.  We’re working on it.  The other goal is to pay off debt.  We have about $3500, other than medical debt.  Not a HUGE amount, but more than I want.  We’re putting as much money toward it as we can, while still building our savings.

I’m going to try to include a fair bit of photos with this blog.  Photos of the groceries we buy and how much we spend.  Photos of crafts I make and craft supplies I buy.  Things like that.  Hopefully someone will get some use or some ideas out of it.

Thanks to anyone that’s gotten to the end of this!

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  1. This is a nice blog. I like that you are starting with clear goals and also a sense of where you are starting from. Oh I found a feather pillow form yesterday at that same shop for $2. I need to be judicious about shopping there too!

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