Small Changes and Simple Crafts

I’m not willing to bog myself down with the extreme minutiae of frugality.  I rarely use aluminum foil, but when I do, I don’t save it for another use.  I’m not patient enough to unwrap gifts slowly to save the wrapping paper.  I realize there are things I could do, somethings bigger, somethings smaller, that would net a bit more savings, that I am just plainly not willing to do.

There is one change I have made that I didn’t initially think I would be willing to do, and that is break our addiction to paper towels.  We went through a LOT of paper towels here, thus we bought a lot of them also.  One area I refuse to be extra frugal in is paper products, I just won’t buy the super cheap ones.  Therefore reducing the amount of paper towels we use would be a boon to our budget.  Even knowing this, I still wasn’t interested until I read a few blogs or articles on Pinterest on the topic and found myself motivated to try.

One thing I knew would be necessary was having an ample supply of fabric cloths with which to do the cleaning.  Because we have to schlep all our laundry to a laundry room in another building, or to a laundry mat, we don’t do laundry exceptionally often.  Fortunately the types of cloths we use are super cheap.  We use just ordinary kitchen cloths like these…


They come in a pack of something like 18 for a couple bucks.  They’re exceedingly inexpensive and pay for themselves in no time.  I also bought a couple packs of more heavy duty ones that have a somewhat abrasive mesh backing, for more intense scrubbing…


These were a bit more expensive, but still rock bottom prices.  To round out my fabric cleaning supply, I picked up a pack of microfiber cloths to use for dusting purposes.  I knew the second thing to ensure I used them would be having them handily accessible, so this was my solution for the kitchen…


Thus far it’s working out just perfectly.  As for washing them, they just get tossed in with the regular laundry.  I read a suggestion to use a lingerie bag and toss them in inside the bag so that they don’t get lost in all the other laundry but I don’t own a lingerie bag and until I find one somewhere incredibly cheap, I’m just tossing them in on their own.

For part 2 of the blog, a simple craft.  Extremely simple, but also extremely frugal!


It’s simply a pot holder, folded in half and sewn up on three sides to make a glasses case. Please forgive the not-so-great stitching.  I’m not quite a master at hand stitching yet, and I wasn’t sure my machine needle could go all the way through the layers of pot holder.  In spite of the un-stellar stitch lines, it worked out just as it was supposed to, holds my glasses perfectly and it was a super simple project.  I bought the pot holders in packs of 2 at Dollar Tree, and the only other things needed are needle and thread.  This project, then, cost $.50, plus the minuscule amount for the cost of thread.  Quick, easy and if everyone you know wears glasses, as everyone I know does, these guys would make cute gifts!

And that is today’s frugal news!

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