How NOT To Cook A Frugal Meal

As I posted in this entry, tonight and tomorrow night’s dinners were going to be beef stew.  Sounds delicious, right?  Probably would’ve been… if we’d been able to cook it.  A very valuable lesson was learned today:  If there’s a hole in the packaging of the meat you are thawing, it will turn into zombie flesh.


I’m told you cannot tell very well how extremely zombie-fleshly it is in the photo.  My mind’s eye sees it in the frightening shade of grey-green it is, so I can’t judge.

To answer your burning question… no, we did not know there was a hole in the packaging until the roast became the undead.  Hubs and I were in the kitchen starting to make dinner and he took the meat off the bottom shelf, where it had gotten pushed fairly far back… and found that.  I have had more than one debate with myself regarding the level of common sense of eating questionable looking things.  For this one, there was no debate.  Zombie meat goes straight to the trash.

And that, my dear friends, is a shining example of being extremely unfrugal.  An entire roast wasted, due to a hole in the packaging.  To say I was frustrated would be an enormous understatement.  I’m writing a blog about frugality and I toss a roast in the trash?  Argh!

What I did afterward was a minor bit of a save, though.  I would normally have said… welp, dinner is a flop, let’s go out and get something!  I refused to do that tonight though.  First I asked myself what needed to be used.  The answer to that question was the bag of baby carrots.  I prowled around my “pantry” {otherwise known as a bookshelf with food on it} and rounded up some canned chicken and veggies.  I decided to steam the carrots, mix it all up with some cream of mushroom soup, and put it between crescent rolls.  I called it pot pie, and in the oven it went.  Even though I’m still seriously annoyed about the roast, I’m pleased that throwing away a roast didn’t also lead to spending another $20 or so on a restaurant meal, and probably tossing out an unused bag of baby carrots.

Mishaps and missteps will happen.  The best I can do is hope for two steps forward and only one step back!


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