Sod’s Law…


I’m sure everyone is familiar with “Murphy’s Law”, but did you know the original concept is much older, and was once known as “Sod’s Law”?  As in whatever pitiful sod least needed something bad to happen, something would surely happen to him.  {If anyone is equally as nerdy as I, here’s the link to the history of Murphy’s Law/Sod’s Law.}  I’m feeling a little bit that way today.  Of course, I’m also being melodramatic and whiny, but still… feeling a bit like a poor sod.

Some time back our windshield wiper fluid stopped spraying.  We kept putting off going to get it fixed because the dealership is out in far west-central Columbus and nearly an hour drive for us here on the north side.  {I don’t do freeways.}  Compounded, of course, with the general hassle of taking a car to the mechanic.  Since we had an extended warranty, which I know are the devil and I will never purchase again, we had to go to that specific dealership for the work.  After waiting two hours we were told they didn’t have the part, but our warranty would cover it after the $100 deductible.  Oh, and btw… we needed an air filter, cabin air filer and tune up.

They asked if I’d like them to do it and I responded with “No, not today.”  I proceeded to leave the dealership and drive back to the mechanic right next to my apartment building.  He’s a great guy that does great work… and I can wait in my living room instead of sitting in a garage waiting room.  He checked it out and concurred with their determination and called to let me know.

So, alright… go ahead and fix it.  Almost $300 later I have a car with two fresh filters and a tune up.  That’s an incredibly unentertaining way to drop a chunk of change.  We finally get some savings going and BAM, car trouble.  That’s the whole feeling like a sod part.  By the time we pay the deductible at the dealership we’re going to be out almost $400 for it.  Kind of depressing to put $400 in my car’s tailpipe and blow it out, but not nearly as depressing as it would be for this car to stop working anytime in the near future.  Once I get it paid off, I want to drive this thing forever.

There IS a bright side and some connection to the blog, though.  The bright side is that having been reasonably careful and reasonably frugal, we were able to cover the expense.  There have been times… many times… in our marriage where that would not have been true.  Times when we were making enough money that we shouldn’t have had a problem, but we would have.  So, bummed though I am about my emptied out pockets, I am deeply, deeply thankful we are able to pay for the repairs, take care of the car, and keep driving safely. Never forget to look for the silver lining in every cloud.

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