Fast and Frugal…

You know what I like?  When three good things come together to make a really really really good thing.

  1.  An easy to prepare meal.
  2. A cheap to prepare meal.
  3. A tasty meal.

What meal meats these qualifications, you may ask?  Well, probably a whole ton of recipes and meal ideas.  But the one I am referring to specifically is making a frittata.  I’m a big fan of making frittatas, for all those above reasons.  Some nights you just want an easy dinner that’s also cost effective, and of course tasty!

The first time I made a frittata, I followed a recipe very carefully and to the letter, and was pleased with the results.  After that first one, though, I learned that frittatas are a great “anything goes” way to use what you have on hand, and by changing up ingredients, keeping it fresh and interesting.

A frittata was today’s slated plan for dinner, as opposed to many times I’ve just had nothing else planned to make and threw it together.  Since I had planned ahead, I knew what was going in it.  I decided to keep it simple because there were not a lot of fresh veggies to be had for reasonable prices last week.  Such is the curse of the pits of January.  I picked up a bell pepper and some fresh mushrooms to serve as the veggies, so I chopped them up and cooked them in just a tiny drizzle of oil.


Today’s other secret ingredient was a cup of Feta.  I had some hanging out in the fridge and I thought a frittata would make a worthy home for it.  I particularly love Feta in egg dishes because it has a strong flavor that really kicks the eggs up a bit.  Once it was all mixed up and cooked on the bottom, I stuck it into the oven to broil and slightly brown the top.  This was the result.


Today’s dinner was successful for an additional reason.  A friend was coming over to visit this evening and we relaxed and enjoyed her company until she left, then got up and made dinner.  This is pretty monumental for me. I would normally have used her plan to come visit as a reason to order takeout or something, rather than take the time to cook.  But cook I did, and money I saved!

The hubs and I have been very busy all week with a project I hope to blog about tomorrow evening.  It’s as much simplifying as frugal living, but for me it’s all connected.  Now I just gotta make that darn grocery list!

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