Correcting Past Mistakes

I have not always been frugal.  In fact, I am very new to the world of frugality.  I’ve always been a fan of getting a good deal… I think most people are… but I’ve also been known to let a good deal convince me to buy things I knew I didn’t need, simply because they were a good deal.  And we won’t even talk about the things I’ve bought that were neither a good deal NOR did I need, but for whatever reason, purchased anyway.  Suffice it to say, there were a lot of those.

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, and it was basically stuffed to the rafters with… well, stuff.  Or at least one of the bedrooms was.  One of the bedrooms is my sewing/craft room, which was half overwhelmed with things.  The other is the actual bedroom, which was 1 1/2 overwhelmed with things.  For at least a decade it had been the place things that had no home went to die.

Motivated by two factors, I decided it was time to tackle the mess in there.
1.  Since I had no idea what was in there, I had no idea if there were things I could actually get some {free!} use out of.
2.  I simply liked the idea of clearing out the baggage of unneeded, thoughtlessly purchased items and paring things down to a manageable level.

I guessed correctly on the first point. There were a few random things in there that may serve some purpose, but my favorite find was a plastic tub full of craft items I had collected over the years.  Crafting doesn’t get more frugal than finding craft supplies hiding right in your own apartment!  We also uncovered a few treasures I was able to sell at a consignment store, and a couple more I am planning to list on Craigslist.  None of it will bring in a lot of cash, but a few dollars AND getting it out of the bedroom is a good deal to me.

And on the second point, allow me to illustrate with a few photos.  The following three photos are the piles of things we donated to Goodwill in the course of three separate trips.

Also enjoy the photobomb by Beto in the center photo.  It felt SO good to get rid of all of it.

Now that The Great Purge has happened and my previous life of buying stuff mindlessly and pointlessly has been mostly wiped away, I am ready to be thoughtful about what I bring into the apartment.  Both from a standpoint of necessity and value.  My goal is to live the adage… it’s better to have quality over quantity.


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