S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G The Pork Roast

Today’s frugal post brought to you courtesy of $1.69/lb pork roast at Meijer.  A pork roast used to make a single meal for us, possibly with some leftover that may or may not have actually been eaten later.  Frequently we both ate very large hunks of the roast with our dinner, stuck the rest in the fridge, and forgot about it until it was beyond questionable and got chucked in the trash.  I shudder to recall!

Life with a roast is much different around here now.  The roast we purchased for this week is being served for 3 full meals.  2 of the 3 meals the meat is being served as… well, the meat.  The third meal, which we had today, the meat is being served as an ingredient to the meal, which is an easy way of stretching it farther.  Using it in casseroles or other dishes gets a lot more mileage out of it than serving it as a hunk on a plate.

While dicing up the meat for dinner, I realized I could squeak out one more meal from the roast.  Breakfast!  I’m not sure how common it is to eat pork {other than bacon and sausage} for breakfast in general, but I grew up in the country, in the south, and pork chops were a favorite breakfast for most of us.  I made the estimation that we had plenty of pork left to spare a slice for my breakfast in the morning, so I chopped it off and cooked it up in cooking spray while I was dicing the rest.


I just noticed that looks like a huge piece, but it’s on a dessert plate.  It’s actually about the size of a slice of bread, so it will be perfect on toast.  Lean protein on toast, add some fruit, and it will be a great start to a Sunday morning!

Once the pork was diced, making dinner was quick and easy.  I browned the meat in a bit of cooking spray, then poured some cream of mushroom soup and a bit of water and let it simmer while I boiled some egg noodles.  Because it was a fairly small amount of meat being used, and because cream soups and egg noodles are cheap, it was a frugal meal, while being tasty as hell!


And now I am off to partake of another favorite frugal activity — reading library books.  It doesn’t get much better than a nice quiet evening with a book I didn’t pay a penny for and also won’t have to find a place to store when I have finished!  My kind of Saturday night!

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