Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

If there’s an adage I hate hearing more than that one, I can’t think of what it could be.  My impatience is a running joke with more than one person in my life.  I’m not impatient in a road rage kind of way, but in a “Whatever I want today, I wanted it yesterday!” sort of way.  I come by it honestly, both my parents have the same problem.

As you may have surmised, this trait is not conducive to saving money and being frugal.  I’ve been known, on many occasions, to pay more than necessary for things because I didn’t want to wait for a sale, for an item to be delivered from a cheaper online purchase, because I didn’t want to wait until I could go somewhere else.  There’s a whole litany of reasons I’ve overpaid for things that, in one way or another, involve impatience.

Hubs, on the other hand, is my polar opposite.  He could, and has, waited for extended periods of time because he feels he can get a better deal.  Therefore it is imperative that I study him if I want any hope of getting better at saving money.  Luckily he is more than happy to help me put things down and walk away if the price isn’t right, or if it isn’t exactly what I want.  {Yes, I have been known to buy things that aren’t even what I want, just because I want to buy SOMETHING and I can’t find what I want.}

Yesterday was an exercise in showing just such restraint.  Because I’ve been doing some sewing while sitting in the living room, it has resulted in moving the living room lamp to the opposite end of the couch.  However when I lay to read on the other end, it’s too dark without a lamp.  I set out yesterday with the intention of finding a new lamp.  I thought perhaps a floor lamp, but I wasn’t opposed to a table lamp if I found one I liked.  Three thrift stores resulted in no floor lamps, but I did find a table lamp I like very much.  It didn’t come with a shade, though, and there were none there that I liked.  It went against my instinct to walk out with a shadeless lamp, without knowing when/how/where I would find a shade for it.  Hubs insisted that it was a $3.99 lamp, and we could find a shade somewhere.  He convinced me and we left, proud owners of a lamp with no shade.

After the last thrift store, we went to Big Box Store to check their shade collection.  The first thing I noted about their shade collection was the price.  Holy moly!  For a decent shade I would’ve paid 3 times or more what I paid for the lamp, and that seemed absurd to me.  So I made the uncomfortable decision to go home, shadeless, and resume the search today.  Hubs was proud.

We ventured out this evening to hit 2 more thrift stores, and finally hit the jackpot!  I found a shade that works perfectly with the lamp, and matches my living room perfectly as well.


The lamp arm is movable so I can rotate the light where I need it.  Evidently Beto likes it where it is, since he seems to think he can get a suntan laying under it.  The shade was marked $3.99 as well, but when Hubs paid for it, it was on sale for $1.99.  So for a grand total of $5.98 I got a lamp and shade I like very much and work just perfectly for the purpose.  Maybe there IS something to that damned old saying!

We also found a few other great deals.  I’m getting much better at the concept of keeping ones eye out for really good deals, while NOT going in with the intention of shopping.  If I go in with the intention of shopping, I will always find things to buy.  The goal is to only buy things I need, at great prices.  I’m making every effort to buy nothing new {other than groceries, toiletries and underclothes, obviously}, so keeping my eye out at every opportunity furthers that mission.

First we found a couple things for Hubs.  He had been wanting this PS3 game for a while, but wasn’t willing to shell out the money for it until he found it at Goodwill.  And the hat was a gem to find, since he always has on a baseball cap and plain black ones that are adjustable are not particularly easy to find.


I found a couple things of use for me as well.  I found a small Mason jar that I can use for storing small amounts of leftovers in the fridge.  I’m trying to move over to glass containers, but I’m making the move by finding them at the thrift store.  The small Mason jar was my only find for today.  I found a couple of cloth napkins to add to our cloth napkin stack, since we don’t use any sort of paper ones anymore.  And then my favorite find, some fabric remnants.  Not a lot, but a few pieces, and at exceptionally cheap prices.


The moral to today’s entry is… I suppose there’s SOME truth in “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”.  It’s not an easy thing for me to do, impatient as I am, but it was worth it.  I found what I wanted for less than $6, and found it used so it’s kinder to the earth.  Can’t beat that for a win-win!



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