Thrifting Missions: Accomplished. Also, Another Good Reason To Go Thrifting

We’ve been on sort of a treasure hunt with the thrift stores recently.  I think most of us that love to thrift love it as much for the hunt as for the prize.  We don’t go thrifting without an idea in mind of what will fill our need, but we try not to be too specific.  I sort of like throwing it all up to the gods of thrifting and seeing what they bestow upon me.  Sometimes they bestow absolutely nothing, and I find absolutely nothing.  Sometimes they bestow something completely different from what I thought I needed, but works out perfectly in the end.  Thrift shopping is fickle business and you just have to take it as it comes, or doesn’t come, as the case may be.

Monday’s Post talked about our last foray into the land of thrift.  I was looking, first and foremost, for a floor lamp.  I ended up with a table lamp, with a shade that matches my living room perfectly.  An example of finding, not what I was looking for, but the perfect substitute.

There was one thing remaining on our thrifting list that we hadn’t yet been able to find.  Hubs needed some new pants.  He’s really hard on pants, especially jeans.  And ESPECIALLY his work jeans.  He’s a very typical man about it, too.  I took a good look at his jeans the other day and declared that he needed some.  He looked down, presumably seeing the same tattered pants I was seeing, and declared they were fine.  Either one of us needs our eyes checked, or we have different standards of “fine”.  In any case, he doesn’t care enough about what he wears to… well, care… so I make the bulk of his clothing decisions, ask him if he finds it agreeable, and then it’s done.  Therefore I declared it was time for new pants, since most of his were equally worn.

We hadn’t had any luck at the thrift stores we had been to, either there were none he liked, or they were priced ridiculously high.  {Some thrift stores seem to forget they are thrift stores.}  We checked out a new on today in another part of town and finally struck gold.  The prices were great, the merchandise was in great shape, and we had no trouble finding some he was okay with.  For about $18 or so, we walked out with these 4 pairs of pants for him.


We also found another great bargain we could NOT have passed up.  This might be a good time to confess our nerdery.  We are loud, proud, out of the closet nerds.  We both love to learn things, especially things about history.  Things that would put most people to sleep, as my mother and my bestie like to remind me when I tell them what I am watching or reading.  So when we saw this…


For $1.90, there was no question as to whether or not we were going to buy it.  It’s 11 hours worth of entertainment for $1.90.  Even used, in poor condition, on Amazon, it’s still nearly $15, plus shipping.  New it’s nearly $35.  So we got a CRAZY good deal on it, and now we have something to do with our Saturday nights for a while.  {Kidding!  It’ll actually be Sunday nights cause Hubs has to work on Saturday nights.}

As I alluded to in the title, there is also another reason thrifting is a good thing.  It’s kind of a two fold reason.  I love to buy gifts for people.  Every year at the holidays, Hubs has to reign me in and remind me that if I don’t stop buying gifts, I will have to sell a kidney to pay for them.  I’ve been this way since I was a child and I don’t see it changing.  The nice things about thrifting are:

  1.  By buying the things we need at thrift store prices, we have more money to spend on things for other people.
  2. If we shop at thrift stores with other people in mind, we can often find awesome things they will love, that they wouldn’t find anywhere else, for a dream of a price.

While Hubs was trying on his pants today and deciding which ones to get, I roamed around the store.  First I checked out the craft supplies area.  I didn’t find much there that I thought I could use, but I did find a few cross stitching pattern books I knew my Mom would like {and one spool of ribbon for myself}.


Next I made my way over to the kids section.  A friend of mine has a toddler that loves books.  I, book nerd that I am, LOVE to encourage book habits in young children.  Or older children.  Or anyone, for that matter!  You really can’t beat thrift stores for finding children’s books at awesome prices, and no one will be miffed if the children proceed to destroy them.  In the end I came out with a tidy stack, along with an adorable puppy hat I felt he needed also.


And that concludes our adventure in thrifting today.  All our current needs are met, so until another need arises, we won’t be hitting the thrift stores.  I therefore hope you have enjoyed the last two blog entries of thrift store gems!

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