Thai Peanut Chicken Update

I had a couple of people tell me this recipe sounded yummy, and were curious to hear how it turned out.  It was supposed to have been yesterday’s dinner, but for various reasons {reasons of not getting the slow cooker cleaned and the food in it in time for it to cook}, it got pushed back until today.

Today I was on the ball, though.  All the ingredients… well, the non-refrigerated ingredients… were sitting together in a cluster next to the clean slow cooker, waiting for me.

When everything was cooking, I sat down with my laptop to do some Googling.  The recipe called for 1 cup of coconut milk, but the can I bought had 2 cups.  Every other time I have used coconut milk, I have used what I needed and thrown the rest out.  That doesn’t fit with my frugal lifestyle, and I just plainly don’t like the waste.  My first question to Master Google was how long it would stay usable in the fridge.  Answer?  Not long.  Therefore the solution was to freeze it, which is what I did.

Just in the nick of time to save me from eating my own arm, dinner was finally ready.  And well worth the wait!  Even with everything sitting there, I was slow getting it in the slow cooker this morning {I don’t think that’s why it’s called a SLOW cooker…}, but when it was all done, I was ever so glad I had put it in, even if I thought I would starve in the last hour of cook time.  Since I was so hungry, I forgot to take a photo of the chicken and peanut sauce NOT mixed with the rice, but you get the idea…


This was an easy recipe, and you sure can’t beat the cost for Thai food!  It wasn’t precisely authentic, but it was close enough for us.  We had steamed vegetables with it, but I forgot to put those in the photo.  What can I say, I was hungry!   And since the leftover coconut milk that went into the freezer is the exact amount needed to make this again, it will definitely be going on an upcoming menu.  It was pretty frugal to begin with, and already having the coconut milk will make it even better!

If anyone else tries out the recipe, please let me know what you think!

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