Issuing A Challenge To Ourselves

So this happened…


I left the photo big so perhaps you can tell, it is electrical tape on Hubs glasses.  He was pulling the hood to his coat up, caught the arm, and snapped it off.  Obviously that meant a trip to the eye doctor.  Also, I am diabetic and was past due for my yearly exam.  I figured since we were already going, I’d go ahead and have my exam done and wipe all of it out in one trip.

One fiasco after another, in the end we both walked out of there with digital images of our eyes done and new glasses in hand for a total of $218.  Now, I do recognize that we are EXTREMELY lucky to have vision insurance that allowed us to walk out having all that done and pay only $218 out of pocket total.  I realize that, and I am deeply thankful for it.

However, this expense had not been budgeted for.  Normally this is the sort of expense I’d shrug my shoulders, put on a credit card, and pay for two or three times with interest.  That’s where the challenge part comes in.  I’m challenging us to cut $218 out of our budget in the month of February, to account for the extra $218 that went out.  Can we cut out the full amount?  Honestly, I’m not sure.  That’s a very lofty goal, since we don’t have a lot of playing room with the budget.

Still, though, there’s some wiggle room.  We have lots of food here to eat, even if it isn’t precisely the exact things we want.  We will have more vegetarian meals, probably.  Eat more of whatever we have in the freezer.  It’s gonna be a trick to attempt to make the options we have reasonably healthy while keeping it as frugal as possible, but I’ll try to think of it like a game.

Also, staying home is a 2 fold way to save.  For one, if we’re home we’re not using gas.  And for the other, if we’re home, we’re not spending money.  I have to go out and mail a package to my mom tomorrow, and otherwise it is my goal to go nowhere until Thursday afternoon.  That will help cut money out of the gas budget, the miscellaneous budget, and possibly the restaurant budget as well.

I’ve never issued this sort of challenge to us before, and the rest of February will be tough.  But I am determined to, if not meet the goal, get as close as we can.  Anyone have any experiences with temporary tight budget cuts that worked?  Or didn’t work?

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