My Frugal Valentine

Lemme start this by saying, I know a lot of people are anti-Valentine’s Day.  Some people are REALLY anti-Valentine’s Day.  If you are, please forgive me for this blog.  Valentine’s Day is not a major holiday for us, but we do celebrate a little.  This year, frugally!

The morning started out with a sort-of-janky felt heart pouch I sewed for Hubs, with a very large Resee’s Cup in it, and a valentine I made for him.


Then, despite me telling him not to, he came home with some beautiful flowers.


I don’t have a particular favorite flower, and I love to get things other than roses.  Since roses are a billion dollars on Valentine’s Day, this worked out perfectly.  He brought a bouquet of tulips, which I had never been given before.  Which is sort of strange, since Hubs’ Mom’s family is Dutch.  Anyway, I loved them, and love that they were even a frugal option!

After I napped some more and Hubs slept for several hours, we made our dinner.  We debated on what to have for Valentine’s Day.  We knew we weren’t going out because A) We’re trying to tighten the budget and B) Everyone else in all of Columbus would be trying to eat at a restaurant tonight.  That was basically a non-decision, but it did leave the decision of what we would eat.  We never came to a conclusion until I was looking in the Fresh Thyme ad and saw they had boneless NY strip for $6.99/lb.  This is definitely more than I would normally pay for meat, but when I considered how much less it would cost to treat ourselves to the steaks at home, instead of at a restaurant, I decided it was worth it.  That was our only splurge item at the store this past week, the two NY strips.

Also, I’m gonna admit it, sad though it is… I very rarely make real mashed potatoes.  Hubs and I are a fan of the Idahoan Four Cheese pouches, and even bigger fans of the zero effort it takes to cook them.  But, it was Valentine’s Day… and we had potatoes to use… so he peeled, I chopped, boiled and mashed.  Overlook the horrible lighting, but this is our frugal Valentine’s dinner.


After dinner, we had one last Valentine’s Day treat coming up.  We went to the library on Thursday to pick out a movie for tonight.  Neither of us like stereotypical chick flicks, so he had no worries of being forced to watch one.  We do, however, love old movies, even when they’re romantic.  The library had a display set up of romantic movies, and fortunately they had quite a few old movies in the display, which was a good problem to have.  We decided on one, checked it out, and felt pretty smug about the cost of our Valentine’s Day entertainment.


After we were finished with dinner and our movie {which was really cute, if you are wondering!}, I decided to add it up and see what our Valentine’s Day celebration cost us.  With the candy and flowers, the dinner and entertainment, we spent less than $25.

Obviously the most frugal thing would have been to ignore the holiday and spend nothing extra, but really… unless you are in DIRE financial straits, who wants to live a life where you ignore holidays you enjoy because you are squeezing the life out of your pennies?  That’s not for me, thanks.  We had a nice day together, with small gifts, good food, good entertainment and one another’s company… and for less than the cost of a meal at any non-fast food restaurant.  It’s nice to have enjoyed the day AND be enjoying the evening knowing we didn’t blow our budget.

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