Why I Should Stay Away from Thrift Stores {Also, Groceries and Menu}

No matter how frugal I think I’m being, I still get myself into trouble when I go in thrift stores.  Particularly if it’s one I have never been to, or don’t visit often.  I feel I need to look at everything in the store and things keep jumping into my cart.  And thus today’s regretful story.  I was looking specifically for one thing, which took 3 stores to find.  One of the stores I had never been in and the other two I visit infrequently.

So, how much damage did I do?  I’m gonna be totally honest here… $46.22.  A fair bit of it was fabric remnants, and another good chunk on two shirts for Hubs.  I bought a few other craft things, the item I went for {I’m being vague because I’m hoping to use it in a craft project}, and a couple of small gifts for my mom and my bestie.  $46.22 is a lot of damage, but I’m finding some comfort in the fact it would previously have been much worse.  I’m stealing the concept from Life As I Interpret It to consider how much the would-have-been expenses amount to as well.  I can categorically state I would’ve come out with no less than $100 of stuff if I wasn’t being discriminating about the things I chose to buy.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m not thrilled about spending unplanned money, but since thrift store sales are final, I just have to remind myself that I am going to spend more money than planned from time to time, and try to figure out ways to avoid it in the future.

And on to things that aren’t bad news.  Groceries and menu!  Here are yesterdays groceries…


A few of this weeks groceries require some ‘splainin.  There are 4 boxes of crackers from Aldi because they were marked down to $.99.  I don’t eat crackers a ton, so those 4 boxes will last some time, and you can’t beat $.99 for a full size box of crackers.  The other out-of-the-ordinary purchase was 8 cans of Progresso Soup.  Giant Eagle had them on said 10 for $10, get the 11th free.  It was a mix and match sale, so we did 8 cans of soup and a few other things to make up the 11 items.  We eat cans of soup and sandwiches a lot for lunch, and $.99 for Progresso is a mighty fine price!

And so for the breakdown:  $7.05 at Fresh Thyme, $17.05 at Meijer, $13.99 at Giant Eagle and $31.71 at Aldi for a total of $69.80.  The total is a bit higher than it’s been the last couple of weeks but still well below the $100 budgeted for it.  {Which is good.  It offsets a good portion of the thrift store incident.}

Here’s the Menu for the week:

Friday Lunch – Chili cheese baked potatoes
Friday dinner – Pork chops, mac and cheese, steamed veggies

Saturday Lunch – Soup and sandwiches
Saturday Dinner – Pork chops, eggs, biscuits and a salad

Sunday Lunch – Eggs, sausage toast
Sunday Dinner – Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans

Monday Lunch – Soup, sandwich
Monday Dinner – Leftovers from Sunday

Tuesday Lunch – Chili cheese baked potatoes
Tuesday Dinner – Beans and Rice, salad

Wednesday Lunch – Eggs, sausage, toast
Wednesday Dinner – Leftover beans and rice, steamed veggies

Cooking for leftovers always makes me happy on leftover day.  I know a lot of people think eating leftovers is just dreadful.  I, on the other hand, am more than happy to have another serving of what I made AND to not have to cook it.

I’m going to do a new thing this week that may become a Wednesday fixture.  By request, I’m going to keep track of what we actually eat for lunches and dinners, and compare it to the plan for lunches and dinners.  Rarely do things go perfectly according to plan, so I’ll compare and report my findings on Wednesday.



  1. 🙂 every once a while it is okay to go aboard. I know regret follows after that as we make saving an enjoyable activity. I believe in the significant effect of emotions; positive ones are way better than the negative ones. So enjoy what you have got this time and use this experience and your feelings after it to shape the future purchases. and I hope you too are seeing the benefit of noting down the “would-be-expenses” – I do note them each day/week to see in fact how much I save by making the effort to not do these expenses. It is very encouraging. all the best 🙂

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