Due Diligence, and The Great Hallway Exchange

I haven’t felt well the past couple of days.  Yesterday in particular.  Nothing productive got done at all, which meant the kitchen was a mess this morning.  It’s really kind of mind boggling how fast a clean kitchen can start to look like a bomb went off.  So that’s what I woke up to.

I still wasn’t feeling well this morning, and my first thought was “Welp, nothing to be done for that!” and figured we’d get something to eat later.  Then I realized… nope, we are frugal.  We don’t go out to eat because the kitchen is a mess, no matter how gross we feel and how much we don’t want to clean the kitchen.  It’s kind of sad that I had to have that discussion with myself, but it would not have been the first time we’d have gone out to eat rather than clean the kitchen.

Sitting back down on the couch to contemplate the situation seemed like the best approach at that moment.  Obviously the kitchen had to get cleaned so that dinner could be cooked.  I decided to only way to tackle the monster was to diligently work at it.  Clean a little, sit a little.  Clean a little, sit a little.  Despite feeling yucky, I did get it all cleaned up so dinner could be cooked.  It’s a good metaphor for life I think… keep working away at it, little by little, and the big jobs get done in the end!  And in the end, we had meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes, which made the ordeal of cleaning beyond worth it!

I was pretty pleased with my kitchen victory today, and I had started to feel better later in the day.  Then The Great Hallway Exchange gave me a lovely gift.  In our apartment building, people often leave things, mostly furniture, sitting in the hallway for someone else to take if they’d like it.  We have left quite a few things out there ourselves, with the hope someone would take it so we wouldn’t have to wrestle it to the dumpster.  So far we’ve got a perfect score on that front.  Today the Hallway Gods gave back.  Hubs took Ginger out to walk and found this sitting in the corner, looking for a new home…


It’s a solid wood handmade cabinet.  I’m no expert on antiques, but by my limited experience around old furniture tells me it is old itself.  I have no idea how old, but it’s definitely not a new piece of furniture.  This makes me super happy because A) It’s real wood B) It’s handmade C) It’s an antique D) It’s cute and E) it’s FREE!

It will reside in my craft room, though I haven’t figured out yet where.  Nor what I will put in it.  But it’s lovely, it’s free, and I will give it a home and make it useful.  The hallway is sort of a very small Freecycle area, which is incredibly handy and fruitful also, it would seem.

I realize most people don’t live in an apartment building with a hallway exchange program, but be sure to check any other free options you might have.  Freecycle is a great one, especially if you’re interested in doing some repair work to furniture pieces you find.  Several years ago we got lucky with finding a nice rug someone was giving away.  All we had to do was drive to the house, pick it up, and voila!  The rug looked brand new except one small part with some puppy chewing damage.  That was easily hidden by furniture.  And all for the price of… FREE!

Does anyone else have any tales of free things?  Or any suggestions for finding more free things?

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