Making Stuff Monday: A Vintage Fabric Pillow


This Making Stuff Monday post is brought to you by a nifty thrift store that, though tiny, carries a lot of fabric.  My first visit to this thrift store resulted in coming out with a couple of paper bags full of fabric remnants.  My sewing guru has told me that building your fabric stash becomes a fun pastime, and she wasn’t wrong.  At the point I discovered the fabric in this particular thrift store, I only had a couple of pieces of fabric that were bought for a specific purpose.

I should say, I had no idea what the types of fabric I was  buying were.  Some of them I could identify… muslin, gingham, velvet, and one piece of vintage corduroy fabric.  I fell in love with the corduroy fabric on sight.  I adore fabrics with texture.  {For anyone that has read the Dresden Files, I would love to decorate an apartment Harry Dresden style, with all the textured accents he has in there.}  When I bought the piece of fabric, I had no specific purpose for it.  I didn’t even know what I COULD do with it, as far as using corduroy fabric.  I asked my sewing guru and she said I could basically do anything with it.

The fabric sat in my stack for a few weeks, waiting for the right project.  I had promised my mom I was going to make a pillow for her and the fabric I had bought for her pillow matched the piece of corduroy.  I thought using the corduroy fabric with the original fabric more as accents to it would make a lovely pillow.  And as it turned out, I had enough to make pillows for both of us.  Our couches are almost the same color, so it would work, and I liked the idea of the two of us having matching pillows.  {Any closeness counts as closeness when you are separated from your mom by half the country.}

I knew the process would be patchwork, somewhat like the small bit of quilting I had done in the past.  I wasn’t confident in my skills though, and since I had only the one piece, I waited for my sewing guru to be here with me.  Here are some a couple photos of the measuring and cutting process…

Once the pieces were cut out, they were pieced together…




Finger pressed {apologies for the blurry photo}


And then the final sewn together result…


I was really happy with the way it had turned out.  I’m still at the stage of marveling over every project that works properly.  If you are wondering why the sizes look different in some photos, it is because the one I made for my mom is smaller than the one I made for myself.  Shipping and all that.  Here is the final result of her pillow…


And here is the final result of my pillow…


They’re not professional quality, but I’m darn proud of them.  And also darn happy I found a way to use the piece of fabric I so loved.  I paid $.99 for the piece of corduroy fabric, then turned it in to the central focus of 2 pillows.  The other fabric was $4.97 a yard at Walmart, and I have quite a bit left for some other project.  All in all, these pillows were about as frugal as it gets when it comes to sewing projects, and both my mom and I are very happy with the end results!

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