Rediscovering What’s Around You {My Weekend In Photos}

I’ve been pondering this evening, how I could turn my weekend into a blog post that is at all on topic.  It finally came to me — All the things I enjoyed this weekend were things that are always around me, but rarely so appreciated.  It only cost the little bit of gas money to drive to the local sites, and a little bit of leg power to walk around.  Entertainment doesn’t get much more frugal!

Friday evening we went to the park nearest us, just to get some fresh air and play with the camera. It was neither raining nor snowing, nor terribly cold, so it was a good afternoon to be in the park.  There’s not much in that park to take pictures of, especially in February, but I tried.

Yesterday we decided to venture downtown.  We rarely go downtown, aside from passing through on our way to Hub’s dad’s house in Southern Ohio, since there’s very little reason to go down there unless one has deep pockets for eating and shopping in the Short North.  And we… do not.  Still, though, I do love to be downtown and decided a sunny, temperate Saturday in February was a good day to go.  Downtown Columbus is a whole different world from where we are, between two suburbs on the north side.  Fortunately it’s just a short drive away, and free to explore.  Aside from the parking meters.  We tramped around over one part of the city for an hour or two, and came out with some photos.

Today was day #3 of our tour of close by places.  Poor Hubs had to work almost 3 hours late this morning, so he slept later this afternoon as well.  That meant we didn’t have a lot of time before dark to do anything.  It was such a gorgeous day, though, and I refused to not take advantage of it.  I woke him up, gathered up Ginger, and we headed out to a local park.  She needed the exercise and fresh air, as did I.  This time I was very glad to have my camera on hand.


Those ladies were hanging out at the park when we arrived.  I managed to sneak out of the car, get the camera, and snap some shots before they got concerned enough to leave.  In all there were 10 deer, but I was never able to get all 10 in one shot.  It definitely made my day to see all of them, though.

After they decided they were done with the paparazzi, they ran off to pastures where no crazy lady was slowly stalking towards them with a camera.  Can’t say I blame them.  We let Ginger out of the car {on leash, of course} to see what she’d think of the deer.  What did she think of them?  Nothing.  Ha!  She paid almost no attention to them at all.  Here she is, not caring about a herd of deer.


Once they were gone, we walked Ginger around the park for a while.  She loves to sniff and run in the park, since there’s not much room for her to run around in the apartment complex.  While Hubs followed patiently behind her, I took a few more photos.

And then, the strangest find of the weekend:  Park Potato


For some reason, this lonely potato was just lying in the middle of the park.  I suppose if I were really frugal I would’ve brought it home and cooked it, but I decided to leave it for the deer.

I didn’t really realize at the time that we were having a frugal weekend, but in retrospect, it was indeed.  A  little gas, a couple of quarters for parking, and we had several hours worth of entertainment.  Entertainment that doubled as exercise which I, for one need.  None of the photos I took are going to win any awards, but it was a lot of fun looking at things with a new eye and experimenting with shooting them.  If you have a camera, and I suspect most everyone does, I highly recommend giving it a try.  See your local area in a whole new, frugal way!

And in closing, a gratuitous photo of Beto.


Here’s the link to My Photo 365 Blog.


  1. I love being a tourist in my own town. It is so much fun. Thanks for the reminder that I need to take a look what is in my backyard.


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