Making Stuff Monday: Photo Coasters



I think I was not eager to get a start on the day, since this is how Hubs found me when he got home from work this morning.


I did eventually get up and get moving, but it took a while.  Fortunately there were no major “to do”s on the list, so I didn’t get behind the game.  We did go this afternoon to the park to play with the camera, but after a few shots we decided it was just too doggone cold in the wind to futz with it.

Despite my laziness and total lack of productivity today, I DO have a Making Stuff Monday project to post.  I’m trying to keep myself ahead on projects by a week, which means I need to stop sleeping all day and make things!  Anyway, on to today’s project:  Photo coasters.

I made a set of these for my bestie for her birthday in early January.  I didn’t photograph the process, though.  I wanted to do the project for an MSM, so I made them again, this time for Andrea over at A Measured Life using photos of her very handsome Bingley.

Much like the Glass Candle Prism, this one is another hurry up and wait project, although not quite as much waiting.  It’s very very easy, though, and I think it’s an adorable project!  All it takes is 4 photos, 4 ceramic tiles {I got mine at Home Depot for like $.17 a piece}, Mod Podge, a sponge brush and acrylic sealant.

The first thing to do is lay the photos on top of the tiles so you can determine which part you want to center onto the tile.  {Sorry for the sideways image, but you get the idea.}


Once you’ve done that, you measure around your centered area and mark the area to cut out.


Repeat the process until you have all 4 photos ready to go.


For me, the cutting was the hardest part and it was all downhill after that.  Paint a thin layer of ModPodge on the back side of the first photo and lay it on top of the tile.  After positioning it how you want it, take the sponge brush and paint a thin layer over the rop of the photo as well.


You want to repeat the process of painting ModPodge on top 5 times, letting it dry between each coat.  I think the instructions on the back of the bottle say 20 minutes, but I gave each coat a half hour.  Once those are done, it’s time to move on to the acrylic spray.


I specifically bought a low odor spray because I don’t have anywhere outdoors to do the project.  Keep in mind that if you are going to be doing it inside, you will want to do the same.  If you are doing it outside, any acrylic spray will work fine.  Just like with the ModPodge, you spray on a thin layer and allow it to dry completely between layers.  And once again, do 5 coats.  You will want these to be sealed really well to protect them from moisture.

Once it’s all dry, the last part of the process is putting something on the back to protect your furniture.  On the set I made for my bestie, I hot glued on squares of felt.  But it was kind of a royal pain to cut out the felt and glue it on and everything, so for this set I came up with a better idea.  At Dollar Tree I bought those little felt self-adhesive circles.


I stuck one on each corner of the tile…



And that’s it!  Very easy, and they turn out very cute.  Especially when you have a photo subject as cute as Bingley!

If anyone decides to give this one a go, be sure to let me know and share some photos!  I’d love to see them!

And here’s the link to my Photo 365 blog to see today’s new photo!


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