Cheap Cures!

Late last night, I found myself feeling a fair bit nauseous.  No idea why, but there it was.  I felt lousy.  And… I had nothing to take for it.  I usually keep some anti-nausea medication around, but what I had expired 2 years ago.  I debated taking it anyway, but decided against it.

The next best solution would have been ginger tea, but when I feel nauseous I can’t stomach hot liquid, and I didn’t have any iced, or even any ice to make iced.  {We can’t fit ice trays in the freezer.  Our fridge is very small.}  So… now what?

Ask the trusty Pinterest, of course!  Surely Pinterest would know how to cure my nausea!  And indeed, it did not let me down.  Actually I was overwhelmed with the number of choices of how to cure my nausea.  Seeing the list of natural remedies, it made me wonder why anyone suffers with nausea, or takes pharmaceutical medications.  Of course, not every option will work for every one, but still, there are a lot of choices.  Some various suggestions I found:

Things to injest:

  • Ginger, of course.  Ginger tea, chewing on a piece of ginger, real ginger ale, ginger candy or about any other way you can think of to consume Ginger.
  • Lemon.  Squeeze some juice out a fresh lemon and mix it with water, sip slowly.  Also the scent of lemon is supposed to help alleviate nausea.
  • Peppermint candy, tea, or even the scent of peppermint may help.
  • Flat soda, or even just water with sugar added to it to mimic a syrup should help ease nausea
  • Swallowing ice chips or popsicles

And then there are things to do, rather than consume:

  • A cool compress applied to the back of your neck.  If you are laying, put it underneath your neck.  If you are sitting up {or hunched over, as the case is more likely to be}, drape it over the back of your neck.
  • Use acupressure by pressing on your wrist with your thumb.  {They also make nausea bands to wear on your wrist that accomplish the same thing.}
  • A neck exercise.  Lower your chin toward your chest and keep it there for 15 seconds or so.  Slowly tilt your head to the right, bending your ear toward your shoulder, and hold for 15 seconds.  Repeat on the left side.  Be careful, though, not to move too quickly nor go in a rolling motion, as that could make the nausea far worse.  {I think we all know the unpleasant feeling of spinning in circles, so you surely don’t want to do it when you’re already nauseous!}

Also, if your nausea is stemming from stress or anxiety, chamomile tea may help.  It doesn’t work directly on nausea but it can relieve the stress or anxiety, thereby helping to relieve the nausea as well.  I have really terrible anxiety issues and I can attest to chamomile tea taking the edge off.  If I’m already nauseous I can’t stomach hot tea, but if I catch it before I get to that point, it really can make a big difference.

The moral of this story is that there are a lot of options besides chemical medications to ease nausea.  This is just a sampling of them, but I chose the ones easiest to gather or do.  There are two upsides two it, one that relates directly to this blog:  Sipping ginger tea or chewing on ice cubes is far less expensive than buying over the counter nausea medications.  The other upside is avoiding having to get dressed and go out when you feel sick.  The last thing I want to do when I feel nauseous is drive to the store and go in to buy medication.  I’d much rather sip some water with lemon.

And of course, this pleases the hippie in me.  I try to use all natural cures when and where I can, if they are equally effective.  {Which is also the reason I make most of our cleaning products.}

Has anyone tried any other home nausea remedies?  How did they work?

And because I feel every blog should have at least one photo, here is a photo of a photo my mom found of Hubs and I, circa almost 18 years ago, on prom night.


The photo blog with a shot from my craft room.

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