Making Stuff Monday: Sweater Hat


This week’s project is another really simple one.  In fact it worked much better than I was expecting it to simply because it was so easy.  The hardest part, actually, was finding the 100% wool sweater.  I realize I’m a little late in the year for posting this one, since it’s already March and most places are coming to the end of winter hat season… but the MSM I had planned for today isn’t done.  The sewing machine and I are having a little disagreement, and I have to wait for my sewing guru to come on Sunday and settle the argument.

Also, I must apologize in advance that some of these photos are terrible.  I took them prior to having my dSLR and the lighting in here does not get along with the camera on my phone.  {What is up with all the fighting in this house??}  I attempted to take a photo of the finished hat with my dSLR to at least have a good photo of the finished product, but the lens on my camera isn’t working.  Hmm…I’m noticing a trend here.  Perhaps it is all operator error!

Anyway, in spite of all the technical issues, I do have a blog post.  Without further ado, here we go:  The sweater hat.


As I mentioned, the first and most difficult task was finding the 100% wool sweater.  I was, of course, shopping the thrift stores.  It would most certainly not be frugal to pay retail for a sweater and cut a hat out of it!  It took 2 thrift stores to find the sweater, although it was really more like 1.5 because the first one is exceedingly tiny.  Once I found it, though, I was in business.

For this process I was using a hat pattern I found in a sewing book.


The only thing I actually used the book for was the template for cutting out the fabric.  Without the template, the easiest thing to do would be to simply lay flat and trace around a hat in the shape and size you like.


I traced it onto parchment paper {like you use for cooking} because I didn’t have any actual tracing paper.  The parchment paper worked like a charm, so if you are fresh out of tracing paper, this is an easy substitute.  {I’m told wax paper also works, but I haven’t personally tried it.}

Once you’ve cut it out…


All that remains to do is put the right sides together, pin it, and sew around it.  You can definitely sew it with a machine, but I did it by hand.  Either way, do some forward stitching and some backward stitching as you go around.  That will ensure that the seam is nice and strong.  Once that is done, turn it inside out and… voila!  Winter hat!


You could easily embellish it in any way you like.  Sew some buttons onto it, a bow, a faux flower or anything else that tickles your fancy.  I left mine plain because Hubs will be the one wearing it, and I suspect he would not appreciate a big flower.  😉

This project took me about half an hour from beginning to end, and that’s figuring in the fact I am a slow hand-sewer.  If it had been done by machine it would most likely have taken a total of about 15 minutes.

I promise by next week I will have a much more seasonally-relevant MSM post for you, even if I have to sew it by hand also.  And in closing, here’s a photo of Hubs for you to play a rousing game of “Find the dog”.  She’s leaf colored, apparently.


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