Guest Blog: Heather at Simply Save

This guest blog is coming to you from Heather over at Simply Save. Heather is a personal finance blogger who strives to find the balance between planning for the future and enjoying the present. She shares her personal finance journey on Simply Save and also writes about saving money, simplifying life, minimalism, and living with intention.

I have to add — I’m not much of a Target shopper… but I also didn’t know how many ways there are to save there!  I’m gonna be taking a second look at good ol’ Target.


Easy Ways to Save Money at Target

I’m a sucker for convenience and love how I can do all my errands in one trip by going to Target. I’m not an extreme couponer; I don’t have a lot of time for it, but I do like to do what I can to save money on my Target trips!

Mobile Coupons

You can sign up for mobile coupons here and every week or two you receive a text from Target with your coupons. You simply scan the barcode on your phone at checkout. If you have an iPhone you can easily save the coupons to your Wallet.

Printable Coupons

Target has both store and manufacturer coupons on their website for you to print. You can stack both store and manufacturer coupons and can also stack mobile coupons and some of the other savings below. That’s one of my favorite strategies: stack the deals!

Other Coupons

I don’t make much time for clipping coupons beyond a quick scan of the Target website when I’m making my grocery list, but I do take a quick peek at the weekly ad for deals and coupons and also check for coupons in the paper.



I am in love with Target’s free Cartwheel app! You can browse the available coupons on the app and load up your account. Just scan the barcode at checkout and the savings roll in! You can also easily scan the items on barcodes as you put them in your cart and Cartwheel will bring up any applicable deals, or suggest similar deals if there aren’t any for the product you scanned.

The more you use Cartwheel, the more coupons it’ll allow you to add to your account. Some staples stay on there for months and other deals change weekly. I love looking at the different “collections” each week, especially the one that shows deals that double dip with the weekly ad!

If you don’t have a smart phone you can add coupons at home and print a barcode to scan at the register, but you won’t be able to add additional deals while you’re in the store.

Some of the savings are big (clothes, baby stuff, etc) and some are smaller (5% off milk or cheese) but it all adds up.

Bring Your Own Bag

Target gives 5¢ off per bag, which adds up over time. One of my favorite perks though, is that reusable bags are often more durable so they are easier to carry and less likely to break. I keep a stash in my car so I have them on hand when I go shopping.

Target REDcard (Debit Card)

I don’t usually advocate for signing up for cards, but if you’re a regular at Target their REDcard could be worth the savings, especially now that they have a debit card. The debit card comes right from your checking account and you save 5% off your entire purchase every time, which usually covers at least the tax. You also get free shipping on orders from their website and up to 180 days to make returns. They do have a credit card with the same perks, but I highly recommend you only get it if you can pay it off in full every month. Otherwise the interest isn’t worth the savings at all!

Pharmacy Rewards

Target used to have a really great pharmacy rewards program: every time you fill 5 prescriptions, you’d get a coupon for 5% off your entire purchase, which could be stacked with your 5% off REDcard savings. It was a great time to do Christmas shopping or stock up on household goods. When CVS bought Target Pharmacy, they phased out their rewards program, but coming in May CVS will introduce their program. I’m not sure what it will be but it’s worth checking out, and rumor has it they will count prescriptions filled between the end of Target’s reward program and the start of the new one.

It Pays To Save

I love that I can take care of all of my errands at Target, but that means it also comes with the temptation of a lot of fun things that aren’t on my list! Saving where you can helps offset those potential impulse buys and saves you a lot of money on every day things!


Thanks so much to Heather at Simply Save!

As always, here is the link to my 365 Photo Blog with the photo of the day!

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