Grocery Report and Menu… Holy Oversleeping, Batman!

I was extra frugal today.  I didn’t wake up until 4:40 pm, thereby completely eliminating the necessity of lunch.  Or of dinner, as the case may be, since we ate what I had planned for lunch. Just because I can write and craft at any hour doesn’t mean sleeping til almost 5 pm is a good idea!

Anyhow… back to the topic at hand.  Yesterday was an extremely unmotivated shopping day.  It was rainy and gross outside and I really didn’t feel like schlepping in and out of stores all afternoon, but of course it had to be done.  The bright side to it, though, is that I was not interested in bringing home unplanned purchases.  All I wanted to do was get what was on the list and get out.  That’s good for the budget.  Here’s the photo and the breakdown for the week


  • Aldi – $24.37
  • Fresh Thyme – $7.79
  • Meijer – $16.86
  • Walmart – $31.61

Total – $80.63

That’s actually the most expensive trip we’ve had in some time, and I’m not entirely sure why.  I guess we just needed a few more little things than we have recently.  There were no big or particularly superfluous purchases.  We’re still almost $20 under budget, though, so I don’t know what I’m fussing about!

There was also another bargain to be had yesterday.


These were a special buy at Aldi for $16.99.  This apartment was not built with nearly enough outlets… or we own too many electronics… but either way, it results in a problem.  The outlets are also hard to get to, which means plugging and unplugging things is a pain in the arse.  Finding these guys at Aldi was a pleasant surprise.  Now both my sewing machines, as well as the light and the fan, can be plugged up in my sewing room.  The other one will go in the living room for the lamp, fan, and a couple of device chargers.  If I had some pom poms, I’d shake them for Aldi.

The menu for the week:

Lunches are:  Brats, waffles, soup and eggs


Fri – BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies
Sat – Spaghetti, salad
Sun – Chicken pot pie
Mon – Baked Pasta, steamed veggies
Tues – Chicken pot pie
Wed – Chicken enchiladas

We are already off track with this, potentially, because I slept so late.  I’m not sure if we will end up having a really late bbq chicken dinner or not.  Probably not.  Most likely the enchiladas will just get bumped to next week.

I have a few goals for this weekend:

  1. Out of bed at a reasonable hour
  2. Spend no money unless it is on a forgotten grocery necessity.
  3. Get outside for some photo taking.
  4. Work on some Making Stuff Monday projects.
  5. Did I mention spend no money?

365 Photo Blog with today’s photo!


  1. I love that you keep your goals like this. 🙂 Great idea! I wish I could sleep until 5pm though – lol. Nicely done, being almost $20 under budget on food – that’s hard to do!


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