Ode To My Car


It’s been more than a week and I still don’t have my car.  The speedometer and odometer were broken, and apparently the new instrument panel has to be programmed and sent to some state agency to somehow prove the mileage isn’t altered.  I don’t know how all that’s supposed to work, I just know I miss my car and desperately wish they would return it to me.  {In working order, preferably.}

Not having a car has saved us some money, though.  Not being able to go anywhere equals not shopping.  Unfortunately we did have to have groceries, so I ordered some through Amazon Prime Now and some through a local grocery delivery service.  The prices were more than we would’ve paid if we had been able to go to Walmart and Aldi, but they weren’t outrageous and the delivery was free.  I had been reasonably confident I would get my car back on Wednesday and had not planned any food after that because Thursday is our normal shopping day.  But, state regulations threw a monkey wrench in my plan and we found ourselves needing food.

Besides saving us money, not having a car has convinced me to do some stuff around the house.  I have to do SOMETHING or I’ll lose my mind, so I chose doing some cleaning.  Here’s my tiny little clean kitchen after I scrubbed it from top to bottom yesterday.


I also scrubbed the downstairs bathroom, cleaned the living room, dusted the living room, and cooked dinner.  That’s about 3 times what I normally do in a day.  {Although that is partly because often my sedative medication doesn’t wear off til 3 pm and I sleep all day.  For some reason I was awake all day yesterday.}

Today started off promising as well.  I was awake at 4:30 am, which was a little excessive on the “early to rise”.  I decided I wanted to take a shower, but before I could shower I needed to scrub the bottom of the tub because it had gotten a bit slippery from coconut oil.  I decided I’d just go ahead and scrub the whole tub while I was at it.  This turned out to be a terrible, terrible mistake.  It left me with searing pain in my back, which a hot shower didn’t ease.  I came back downstairs and sat with my back supported for the next hour, hoping it would feel better.  It did not, but I managed to cook some breakfast for when Hubs got home.

After that, I did some more sitting and waiting for the pain to pass.  When it didn’t, I decided a nap was in order.  I slept for a few hours, but the pain was no better.  I decided it would be a terrible mistake to try scrubbing the rest of the bathroom today.  Then it occurred to me that I’d been meaning to wash my pillow and a couple of the throw pillows we lay on, so I threw those in the washer.  So I did manage to get something done.  After washing the pillows I threw in a big load of towels to wash too.

I also wrote an article for the freelance writing gig I have.  Here’s where they are posted if anyone is interested.  I tend to do my writing later in the evening but I decided to go ahead and get it out of the way before it was time to wake Hubs.  That’s a few more dollars that will go in the account saving for a down payment on a condo.  Every little bit helps!  Additionally, it would seem I have quite accidentally ended up as a reviewer for African novels as a paid writer.  More dollars for the condo fund!

We didn’t do so great for dinner, though.  Because my back hurt too badly to get dishes done or stand and cook, we ordered takeout.  I felt guilty about it but it seemed like the preferable option when the other option was to make my back hurt more.  Fortunately our Greek place is really reasonably priced and the delivery was free.  We had some nasty storms just after I ordered and they were very late getting here, so Amazon Restaurants gave me a $10 credit on our next order.  That was pretty awesome!

It’s only 9 pm but I’m gonna hit the bed in about an hour, and am hoping to wake up without back pain tomorrow.  I’d like to get that bathroom scrubbed, and I’ll be fitting in some writing time for another article.  Chores and making money, how well behaved I am!  Now to read some on the book for the review.

Hope everyone’s having a great Friday evening!


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