Boy Oh, the Hits Just Keep Coming

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I got my updated credit score today and decided to click on the link that would tell me what factors negatively impact my score.  To my surprise, I saw that something was in collections.  I used to get a copy of my credit report.  Sure enough, right there in collections were 3 medical bills I wasn’t aware I still owed.  I thought I had paid all of them off, but alas, no.

It’s not really a huge mystery how they got overlooked.  All 3 bills were many years old and we had such bad finances at the time that we probably couldn’t afford to pay them and they just got forgotten about.  I’m not sure why I haven’t been contacted by the collections agency, but for some reason I wasn’t.  Or if I was, those letters got forgotten about too.  It was a long time ago in a different life.

So… I now know I owe $523 in past due medical bills.  It’s not a HUGE amount, not compared to what it would be if I didn’t have insurance, or simply hadn’t paid any of my medical bills.  But it’s a lot, and it’s a lot of money we don’t have to spend right now.  With the $886 car repair bill we are having to pay, we really didn’t need another $500+ thrown on.  That makes for $1400 in unexpected bills this month.  Ouch.

I was pretty bummed and grumped and complained about our health care system for a while, but in the end I applied the same logic I did for the car repairs — Rather than stewing too much over what we have to pay, I will instead be thankful we have the money to pay it.  Even if it is very rapidly draining our savings.  Some of it will be offset by Hubs’ extra days of work recently, but we had hoped that was going to offset the car bill.

But, nothing to be done for it other than focusing on tightening our financial belt, and keep plugging away at it.  Tonight I put some dried beans in a bowl to soak to make for dinner for the next couple of days.  Vegetarian meals will help stretch the budget and feed us for a lot less than big hunks of meat.

My goal for tonight is to not stew over this when I’m trying to fall asleep.  My brain can be my own worst enemy at night.  I’m hoping to focus on the audio book I”ll be playing until sleep takes me.

Hope everyone’s had a better Saturday than us!

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