Thank Goodness For Friends!

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We still don’t have our car back {maybe in 2 more days}, so we haven’t been to the store in a while.  We ordered some groceries this past Wednesday but we were starting to need things again, and ordering is much more expensive than our usual methods.  Mainly because we do a huge portion of our shopping at Aldi, and the majority of the rest of our shopping is items that we need that are on sale at different stores.

This afternoon, our friend Ashley swooped in and saved us.  She messaged me to say she was going to Aldi and Giant Eagle and asked if I wanted to come with her.  I definitely did!  She only lives 5 doors down, so it was convenient for her to pick me up, and boy did we appreciate it!

I didn’t buy a lot of stuff because we still have main dish food left to cook for a few more days.  The stuff I did buy was more or less supplemental food.  I got some berries and yogurt, a couple boxes of cereal, some whole wheat tortillas, a pack of turkey bacon, some frozen sausage, {we have lots of eggs, so the bacon and sausage will round out meals}, some mango peach salsa {my splurge!}, and some tortilla chips to go with it.  And I picked up a loaf of bread to do until we can get back to the store.  My entire purchase at Aldi ended up being $26, and that was for 4 bags of food!

While we were out shopping, I left Hubs home to babysit a pot of beans.  I had the foresight to put them in to soak last night, so they just needed to go on the stove to simmer for a couple of hours today.  We had them with some brown rice and a bit of shredded cheese.


It was a hearty dinner on a dreary Sunday evening, and my estimated total cost for the meal is approximately $2.50.  $1 for the beans, $.50 for the rice, and $1 for the cheese.  That’s just an estimate, but it’s an estimate that tells me it cost about $1.25 each for our dinner, and that’s the kind of dinner we need to eat more of!

Other than the groceries I got today at Aldi, we really haven’t been spending any money.  I ordered our cleaning supplies from Grove Collaborative the other day, but that’s basically grocery money, since we used to buy our cleaning supplies at the grocery store.  So not having a car is really saving us some money, even if it is about to drive me bananas.

And now I’m off to read some blogs and relax.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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