Frugal Dinner: Use It Up Style

Sometimes… lots of times… I have a bad habit of wasting food.  Produce in particular.  I buy it with the best of intentions, and it languishes in the fridge until it gets wrinkly or moldy, then it gets tossed out.  Obviously this is very unfrugal, I should not ever be wasting food.

So when deciding what to make for dinner today, I thought I’d try something novel and actually use the veggies that were in the produce drawer.  They’d been in there a while, so I wasn’t sure what would be salvageable, but happily there were 3 peppers that still looked like they were just picked, and two small zucchini that still looked pretty good.  Alright, so veggies covered.  But what else to make…?  I was pretty sure I had a package of kielbasa in the fridge that we’d gotten a couple weeks ago, and I was correct.  Now dinner was coming together nicely!

All that was still needed was another side dish, and when looking around in my pantry I spotted a can of enchilada sauce.  I came across this recipe for enchilada rice on Pinterest the other day, and as soon as I realized I had enchilada sauce, the decision was made.  All I needed was some brown rice, the can of enchilada sauce, and some cheese.  Easy peasy!

So, using things I found in the house, we had herbed roasted veggies, kielbasa, and enchilada rice.


Dinner was delicious, and extremely frugal.  Especially when you factor in the fact the veggies almost went to waste, and the kielbasa was nearly on death row as well.  Combine items that were scrounged up out of the fridge with some low cost brown rice and a can of store brand enchilada sauce, sprinkle some cheese in for a little extra flavor, and voila!  Dinner!

I realize that for most people who live frugally, what I did tonight was just a normal Tuesday night.  But for me, I’m proud.  Instead of wasting food or ordering take out because we didn’t have something already planned, I made what we had work and ended up with a tasty meal.

In other news, I am supposed to get my car back tomorrow.  Horray!  It’s been with the mechanic for 13 days now, and I’ve only gone somewhere 2 times in that period.  I’m starting to go a little stir crazy, so I’m really ready to have my wheels back.  Not so much looking forward to paying the bill, but I think it will be worth it.

In less frugal news, we are ordering groceries again this week.  In this post I talked about having injured my back while scrubbing the tub.  Never let anyone tell you chores aren’t dangerous!  It’s still giving me a lot of trouble and I know I would be in terrible pain if I attempted to shop.  Just standing long enough for a quick shower is enough to cause a lot of pain.  So we made the decision that, rather than going to the grocery stores and re-injuring my back, we will just order again this week.  We can order from one of the stores we regularly shop at, and the cost will not be significantly more.  I think it’s definitely worth it.

And now, to finish reading the book I’m working on for a paid book review.  Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

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