Man, What A Week!

Last week was truly not my week.  It took until Wednesday before I could finally pick up my car from the mechanic.  Drove it from the mechanic to the farmer’s market, bought some amazing strawberries, got back in the car… same problem as before I took it in, the speedometer won’t work.

By this point the mechanic is already closed for the day, but I left him a message.  Then I had Hubs look up the information he found before on a KIA forum about the speedometer in my car, and how to fix it.  I emailed this information to my mechanic, but when he called the next day, he hadn’t looked at it.  He said KIA told him it’s probably {another} faulty instrument panel, and they were going to mail another one.  I asked him if he would look at the links I sent him, and let me know what he thought.  He said he would look and then email me, but I never heard from him.

Since it was Thursday by this point, and because the new instrument panel wasn’t going to arrive until at least Saturday, I told him I was going to keep the car over the weekend and would bring it in tomorrow morning.  {Yes, he’s open on the holiday.}  But, without a speedometer I wasn’t keen on driving it.  Not sure “No, I have absolutely no idea!” is the proper answer to “Ma’am, do you know how fast you were going?”  So we’ve only run short errands that aren’t too far from home.

Thursday evening we checked the mail… and found what I thought was a bill for $300 for the dentist.  When I called on Friday to inquire about the bill, it was pointed out that I was looking at the wrong part of the bill and it was actually $460.  I almost cried.  The lady I was talking to said she would take off the costs of some x-rays to bring it down a little, so it came down to $345.  Which is still $45 more than I was upset about to begin with!

Also I had to cancel an appointment with a doctor I really needed to see, because I won’t have a car.  They told me they had a cancellation Friday afternoon if I could come in.  I readily agreed, and they told me to be there at 2:40.  I get there at 2:35 to check in… the appointment was at another location on the other side of town, which the person making the appointment failed to tell me.

So, yeah, it was a pretty lousy week!  There was at least one bright moment, though.  My birthday is coming up, and with all the car work and dental bill, obviously a big present from Hubs isn’t in the cards.  I decided instead I would get a small one that I’ve really been wanting — A little pot and some fresh herbs to set out on my patio.


I got basil, cilantro, curly parsley, and oregano.  The herbs were on sale at Meijer, and I picked up the pot and potting soil there as well.  The total cost for the herbs, pot, and potting soil was $25, which is rather reasonable I think.  And it’s the perfect birthday present!

This week is staring out better.  We made our last trip out before taking the car back to the garage tomorrow, and one of the errands we needed to run was picking up a few things that were on sale that I had Ibotta rebates for.  This was before submitting those rebates, so we should be over $50 when those clear.


And I’m trying something new and frugal.  Lots of times recently, I’ve wondered what side dish to make with a meal.  I’ve wanted something tasty, but something that wouldn’t over power the rest of the dinner.  Enter this rice seasoning mix.  I think it’s going to be the perfect thing to make some deliciously flavored rice without buying the pricier packs of rice mix with all sorts of unhealthy ingredients.  It was simple to make and fits neatly into the little Tupperware cup my bestie gave me for Christmas.


I’m gonna be giving the spice mix a test tonight when we eat the leftover pork loin from yesterday.  If the amazing smell of the mix is any indication of how good it’s going to taste, it’s going to be wonderful!

And so, that is where things sit today.  The car has to go back to the mechanic in the morning, and we will have to take an expensive cab ride home because no one is available to take us.  Then there is the extra expense of whatever they do to attempt to fix it this time.  So much money being sunk into that car!

But all in all, I’m not feeling too bad about things.  Whenever I start to get upset, I just keep reminding myself… it’s just money.  No, I’d rather not be spending it on these things… but it’s just money.  We have the truly important things in life, and if we have a little {or a lot!} less money, I will instead focus on being thankful for what matters.

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