Revised Savings Goal

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I feel like I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster ride for two days now.  The mechanic called yesterday and said he thought the car was fixed, and that he was going to take it out for a drive to be sure.  I waited for hours before he called me back, only to say he wanted to drive it one more time “this morning”, and then he would call me.

When I woke up at noon, I saw I had some missed calls and assumed one of them was from him.  It was not.  So I waited and waited.  Finally I called and left a message asking if he could please call and let me know something.  And I waited and waited some more.  Finally at 5, he called and told me it was ready and we could come get it.  I called an Uber right away, and within 10 minutes we were on our way.

We get there, and he tells us the speedometer is fixed.  But then… there was a “but”.  “But the transmission is making a sound that’s a bad sign.”  Apparently the transmission is messing up, and he told me honestly that it would cost around $3k to get the repair done.  For anyone keeping track, that would put us up to $6200 in car related expenses in the last couple of months.  We don’t HAVE another $3k, and even if we did, I’m not convinced that investing it into a 12 year old car would be the right move.

So… the “condo savings fund” is now the “car savings fund”.  It’s impossible to say how much time we have to save.  This car could hang on for another year or two, or it could crap out tomorrow.  No way to know.  So all we can do now is shuttle every single dollar we can spare into the car fund to build it up as much as possible to prepare for the inevitable.  We had every intention of keeping this car for several more years {which is why I put $2300 worth of maintenance work into it 2 months ago.  Sigh}, but it doesn’t appear that is meant to be.

I’m pretty bummed that saving for a condo is going to have to go on the back burner, probably for several years, but I’m trying to look at saving for a car as rising to meet a challenge.  Unless this car gives us a lot longer than we’re expecting, we’re not going to be able to pay for a “new” car in full in cash.  But the more we can put on a down payment, the better.  I’d like to be able to pay at least half of it up front.  That means we’re going to have to be two horses chasing the carrot with some serious intensity.

Normally Thursday is our grocery shopping day, and we have dinner out on Thursdays.  But since he didn’t call to say we could come get the car until 5, it was too late to grocery shop after we finally got there and picked it up.  We did go ahead and eat, though.  And got the most accurate fortune in the history of fortune cookies:


Right?  We had to laugh.  The person that wrote this fortune is a wise being.  {And probably owned by a cat or two!}  I’ve had the pleasure of owning quite a few cats in my life, and not a one of them has ever been “ordinary”!

I had a grocery list ready to take to the store today, but since we didn’t get to go I think I might revise it a bit.  If we can tighten our belt a little more and save a little more money, that would be awesome.  The best way to do that will be making sure we have EVERYTHING we need to eat for the next week.  It’s never safe to go in a store for “a thing or two”, or to need to hit a drive thru.  I’m going to make sure I have things planned carefully before we go to the store tomorrow, so that we can be in and out only once this week.

I suppose I should put my nose to the grindstone and get that done.  I’ll post this week’s {Fri-Thurs} menu tomorrow.  Hope everyone has been having a great week!

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