Menu 6/2 – 6/7

I’m a little late getting this posted, because I was a little late grocery shopping.  Since we didn’t get the car until later in the evening yesterday, we postponed the majority of our shopping until today.  We picked up the things we needed at Dollar Tree yesterday, and left the rest for me to do this afternoon.  For better or worse, there wasn’t a lot on sale anywhere this week, so I only had to go to Aldi and Walmart.  That was okay with me, since I was going it alone.  I wanted to get finished and be home at time to wake Hubs up so we would be home to make dinner tonight and not out running around at dinner time.

I only spent about $80 today, combined with yesterday makes for about $90 this week.  That’s $35 below our weekly goal.  I’m very happy about that, now let’s just hope I didn’t forget anything.

And without further ado…



Lunches are kind of a loose plan.  We have eggs to make eggs and toast, I’m also going to make some egg salad.  We have cans of soup and turkey for sandwiches.  And we each have one box of Aldi brand “Hot Pockets” for a quick meal, too.

Most days I don’t wake up in time to eat a proper breakfast, so I usually just have a small bite and wait until lunch.  But on the days I do wake up earlier, I’m going to make instant steel cut oatmeal with PB, or just simple toast with PB.

I think I’ve planned this week out pretty well, and we should have everything we need until next Thursday.

Hope everyone’s weekend is starting off awesome!

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