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After much thought and consternation, we’ve come to a decision about the car.  Friday evening I was on some car websites looking to see what was available in our price range.  I talked to a salesman and did a credit application over the phone to see what we’d be approved for, so we’d really know what we had to work with.  At that point we were thinking about going ahead and getting one, rather than driving this one into the ground.

But honestly, the thought of taking on a car payment makes my belly hurt.  I really, really don’t want to.  I know we have to, but that doesn’t make it anymore pleasant.  So after some more thinking and hemming and hawing, we decided to compromise somewhere in the middle.  We will save money until we have $2500 for a down payment on the car, or until this one dies, whichever comes first.

Currently we have $1500 we are willing to put towards it.  I don’t want to use every penny of savings we have and not have anything for other emergencies.  So we decided $2500 will be the magic number, and we have $1500 now.  If Hubs continues to work 6 days per week, it should take us about 10 weeks to save that up.

So obviously this means we gotta live an extra frugal life between now and then.  Every penny we can scrimp and save will get us to our goal quicker and reduce the odds of our current car crapping out.  In the interest of saving money, we’re staying home a LOT.  Today will make the 3rd day we aren’t going anywhere.  I went out for coffee yesterday with a friend, but my mom had given me a giftcard to pay for the coffee, so the trip out was free.  I’m hoping we can manage to not go anywhere until grocery shopping day on Thursday.

Yesterday was sort of frugal Sunday.  As I mentioned in this post, I had decided I would bake up a large batch of chicken tenders, have some for dinner, and divide the rest into meals and freeze them.  It’ll be just as easy as buying bags of pre-cooked, ready to bake chicken tenders, but a LOT cheaper.  Out of a $12 pack of chicken, we are getting enough for 5 meals in total.  That makes each meal cost $2.40, which is about 1/3 of what we pay for the bags in the freezer section.  Can’t beat that deal!  And they turned out delicious.


In our awesome rice cooker, I cooked up some rice mixed with my rice seasoning herb mix, steamed some veggies, and had the chicken tenders with it.  The meal was amazingly tasty and cost about $5 in total for both of us.  That kind of cooking will save us a lot of money over the long haul!

And now it’s time to do some writing for my side hustle.  Hope everyone is having a great Monday… if that isn’t an oxymoron!

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