Being Thankful For My Townhouse

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Hubs and I lived in our old apartment for 16 years.  For about 10 of those years, we were heavy smokers and had heavy smokers visiting constantly.  Everything in the apartment was coated in nicotine.  The carpet was stained and nasty from spills and things over the years.  Honestly, I wasn’t crazy about anyone coming to visit and if I took a photo in the apartment, I had to take it very strategically to show as little of the stains and messes as I could.

Combine that with the fact we were in a lousy neighborhood that was continuing to get lousier.  When we moved in, it was a decent area, but at the end of our 16 years it had really gone downhill.  I refused to go outside alone at night anymore, and was nervous even during the day.  No one made eye contact, no one was friendly.  We had one family we knew in the entire time we lived there.  I had been ready to get the hell out of there for years, but Hubs job was within walking distance, so we stayed.

In January, Hubs found out the store he worked at was closing.  He was able to transfer to another store, but it wasn’t anywhere near walking distance and we knew we needed to move.  We honestly didn’t think we would get lucky enough to find another place within walking distance, namely because the new store was in a very nice area.  We had a friend that lived within walking distance, and there were some townhouses for rent in her complex.  So we spoke with the owner of the property and found out we could rent a townhouse from him for more than $150 less than the rent at our old place.  We would have to pay utilities here, but it was and has been well worth it.

I was thrilled when we started to move over here.  The neighborhood was nice and the townhouse itself was lovely.  We brought most of our old stuff, cleaning it up before moving it in.  Once we actually started to sleep here, it felt like a dream.  I didn’t worry so much about being alone at night, and wasn’t ashamed of what things looked like.

Some days I get kinda bummed that we don’t own our own home.  But that’s just not in the cards for us right now, and when I feel sad about it, I clean up my townhouse and remind myself how lucky I am to live here.  I really am happy here and love my place.  Sometimes I don’t want to clean, but after I’m done, it was totally worth it.  Here are a few photos of our new abode.

The new kitchen is somewhat smaller than the old one, but everything is white and it feels lighter in there and much nicer.
Our dining room, with two of the only things we bought for the new place.  The table is new, because the old one we had was far too big for the space.  We sold the old one for more than the cost of this one, and bought it instead.  And the bowl in the middle is an antique we picked up at a little antique shop in downtown Circleville, Ohio.  My kitchen theme is green, orange, and yellow, so it matched perfectly and really brightened up the table.  It was a small splurge, but not too much, and totally worth it.
One of my favorite places in the apartment, our glass front bookcase to keep our most precious books in.  I’m particularly proud of this display because I got the hand painted wall art at the thrift store for $4 and the large vase on top for $2.  The books on top are antique books we’ve picked up here and there over the years.  
Another favorite area, the bookcase.  The Barcelona bucket on top was an old purse my mom made with decoupage.  The statues of the boy and girl belonged to my great grandmother, and were one of the few things I insisted on taking when my grandmother passed away.  The books on the shelves are kind of a mish mash of things Hubs and I love, a lot of them books both of us love.
Our cozy and comfy living room.  The large picture on the wall was a thrift store find for $10.  The throw pillows on the futon are also thrift store finds.  Nothing in the living room is particularly fancy, but it’s all comfy and inviting.
And, last but not least, our small patio.  In our old place, we had no outside space.  No patio, no balcony, nothing.  This patio is the first time in our marriage we’ve had outdoor space, and we love it.  The chairs are the most comfy patio chairs ever, and were a bit of a splurge.  The table and plastic chairs were very cheap, and work nicely.  And the citronella candle on the table was a great deal at Aldi.

As you can see, nothing in my home is especially fancy.  It isn’t going to end up on any magazine covers.  But it’s warm and inviting, and while not particularly large, it is cozy and comfortable.  Most of the things were purchased frugally from thrift store or other sources, so we didn’t put ourselves into debt for any of it.  So whenever I’m feeling down or sorry for myself, I get up and clean something.  Something always needs cleaning!  And I always feel much better for it.

Hope everyone is having a Happy Hump Day!


  1. I love thhat I saw this post in my news thread! Welcome back to blogging! I love love love what you wrote here and I think that your new place looks AMAZING!!! What an inspiration; to be thankful for what you have & to choose an attitude of gratitude over negativity/ungratefullness! I also struggle at times with wishing we had a bigger place (more space), more money to buy “nicer things”, etc – but in all reality I think that these treasures from family members or treasures from the thrift store have much more appeal and meaning❤️ We also have a patio set for the first time ever and we have sat out in our yard for the last 3 Saturday’s and enjoyed a date night in at “Reilly’s patio and Bar” 😂😉❤️💗 It’s been wonderful; truely the simplest things can make a world of difference 😊😊😊. People are important. Stuff (materialistic things) aren’t that important! Ps- does Aldi still carry the citronella candle or are they out for the season?


    1. Thank you for the welcome back to blogging, I’m happy to be back! 😀 And thank you for saying the place looks amazing, I think it looks pretty spiffy too! You guys have a very lovely home, a treasure to be thankful for. More money would be nice, but like you said… the “stuff” isn’t what’s important. Woo hoo for the patio set, aren’t they lovely? I’m sure Reilly’s Patio and Bar is the best place in town! I’m not sure if they still have the candles, but I doubt it. It was a month or two ago that we got them. I bought a plant stand there at the same time, and went a couple weeks ago hoping to find another one, and they were out of those. Booo.

      Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, you’re so sweet! I hope you guys are having a great Friday. Give the boys some love and hugs from me! 🙂


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