Menu 6/9 through 6/14

This week is largely a “get stuff out of the freezer” week.  I’ve decided I want to start making and freezing some meals so there’s less work to do on days I’m really not motivated, but I can’t do that until we clear out some space in the freezer.  Until we went through it the other day, I didn’t realize how much we had up there.  Here’s the menu:


I’ve done a little bit of frugal decorating this week.  I have puzzled over how to bring some decoration and color into the kitchen.  There’s no spare counter space to put things, and no spare wall space to hang things.  So I found the perfect solution:


Some $.88 pot holders have made all the difference.  Now there’s some color and charm in the kitchen, and for a pittance.  Also received some frugal decoration from my Mama for my birthday.  She made me this lovely afghan to match the colors in my living room.  {Look closely, the design is kitties!}


I haven’t yet fluffed up the pillows on the couch and draped it over it for a photo, but I will share it when I do.

And for the rest of my birthday celebration… Hubs and I are splurging on fish and chips from a local pub, then going to the $.99 Infinity Store to see what we can find there.  Then regular grocery shopping after that.  He has tonight off, which is a pretty awesome birthday present too!

Hope everyone’s having a great week!

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