Menu and (Cauliflower) Rice Cookers


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I love rice.  Just gonna be up front about it… I love rice.  And while it’s not necessarily UNhealthy, it is a lot of carbs and calories unless you’re very careful with your serving size.  And because I love to eat, my serving sizes are rarely as small as they should be.  Enter:  Cauliflower rice.  I’ve made it a few times now.  The first time it turned out really well, the second time it turned out terrible, and the third time was somewhere in the middle.  So today was attempt #4 and I had a genius thought — what would happen if I cooked CAULIFLOWER rice in my rice cooker?

I figured there was no way to know but to give it a try.  So I put a couple bags of frozen cauliflower rice, about a cup of water, and my rice herb seasoning mix in the rice cooker.  Closed the lid, punched the buttons, and hoped for the best.  And now I know I have found the holy grail of cauliflower rice.


It was delicious.  So soft and fluffy.  Here’s my rice cooker {not an affiliate link, just sharing for anyone that’s curious}, and I love it.  We’ve only had it a few weeks and have just been amazed at how much better rice {and cauliflower rice!} is made in an actual rice cooker.

Unfortunately pre-made cauliflower rice is not cheap.  So tomorrow we are going to go to Fresh Thyme and get some of the heads of cauliflower that are on sale, toss them in the food processor, and let magic happen.  Then freeze them for future use.  I’ll be sure to update once I know how well it works!

In other news, I have two teensy tinsy tomatoes on my tomato plant.  {Look close!}


I also bought a bell pepper plant at the farmer’s market the other day, but I haven’t had a chance to get that little guy potted.  Photos forthcoming.

So basically I’m having fun with cooking and gardening, general puttering around the house kind of stuff.  I’m trying to focus on how blessed I am to have this townhouse and space outside to grow things and not take any of it for granted.

And lastly… The menu for the week!


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