So Very, Very Hard To Stay On Track {Plus Menu}

I’m not starting this post with an image because it isn’t worth of the ones I was finding.  I attempted to Google “Life hard” and see what images I got, but they were all serious, life really IS hard kind of images.  And this post doesn’t warrant serious sympathy like those might be wont to elicit.  No, in this post “life hard” is a pathetic whine about “real problems”.  In other words, complaining as an unacceptable excuse.

So anyway… Life hard.  It seems like we really get ourselves together and do well for a while… and then all the sudden kinda come apart around the edges.  We were doing really great at eating at home and not spending money, and then all the sudden I find we’re eating too much fast food and not cooking enough.  It’s so easy to just pop through a drive thru and I am the master of excuses for why we “have to”.

But that’s not going to get us to our financial goals, including a down payment on a car, so it has to stop.  As hard as it can be to break the habit, we must.  We also spent unnecessary money last week going to a movie.  But it was at the dollar theater, so I don’t feel too badly about it.  I had been waiting to see Beauty and the Beast for years, but I didn’t pay full price at the theater and waited for it to come to the dollar theater, and it was worth every single penny.  If it puts us a week behind on the car down payment, it’s a fair trade.

But now it is time to get ourselves back on track and sorted again. Starting with a menu that will have us eating at home every day.


Now I just have to buckle down and work hard at cooking at home and STAYING at home, and we’ll be right where we need to be.

How do you guys get back on track once you slide off?

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