Major Monetary Decisions Are Hard To Make And Miscellany

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A few weeks ago we made a decision about getting a car.  Since making the  decision, I’ve realized I was very unhappy with the decision.  To be perfectly honest, I just plainly do not want to take on another car payment.  We would have to add comprehensive insurance coverage again, and the car payment, so we’d be looking at a minimum of $250 to $300/mo gone every month.  That would be the biggest part of the money we could save, so we’d be putting almost nothing in savings.

So after stewing and ruminating over it, and then having a discussion with Hubs tonight, we’ve decided we’re going to go ahead and fix our KIA.  Yes, sinking another $3k into it is a LOT of money, but at least it would be a one time payment and would not take our $3k and then continue taking hundreds of dollars every month on top of it the way the down payment and payments on a new one would.  And yes, we may have more car trouble, but getting another car is no guarantee of not having car trouble.  And if we are able to put some money in savings every month, we’d have the money to pay for the car trouble.  If we don’t, I’m not sure what we would do.

I know this is the right decision because mentally I feel much lighter.  I don’t have the weight of taking on a car payment hanging over my head, and we will have some time to build up some savings again.  And honestly?  I like my little KIA.  She’s 12 years old and has 100k miles, but she’s cute and I think she’s pretty awesome.  So I’ll be perfectly happy to keep her running for a few more years!

In other major events today, my father in law came up.  His birthday was yesterday, so he came up so we could take him out for Father’s Day and his birthday.  I won’t say lunch was frugal, but we only take him out once a year and it WAS tasty.  And I baked him a birthday cake…


And that was frugal.  I found a box of Pillsbury Vanilla cake mix at the Dollar Tree {great find!}, and then I attempted homemade buttercream frosting for the first time.  I am now a convert to making homemade frosting!  The cake topper I picked up on Amazon for a couple bucks.  For the entire cake I think I spent about $4.

Other random photos…


My little stack of philosophy books I found at the library for $.50.  I have a soft spot for collecting philosophy books when I find good ones at great prices, so I was pretty happy to find this little stash to add to the collection.


My two birthday presents from my good friend Luci.  I love the photo frame and had no idea how much I needed a photo there until she gave it to me.  And who doesn’t love vintage earrings?


A free pattern for curtains I got from one of the ladies from crafting group at the church.  I still haven’t made the curtains for the dining room, so this pattern may come in handy!


A photo of Beto with his head hanging upside down off the couch.  Because clearly that’s comfortable.


And lastly, a photo of a snug-as-a-bug Ginger napping, because all blog posts are better when they have been spammed with fur babies!

And good things of which I have no picture — Farmer’s market loot. We went today with my father in law to the farmer’s market and I got some delicious food.  The farmer’s market isn’t cheap, but as I was reminded when I ate a couple slices of the sweet orange tomato and had a juicy peach, the prices for the fresh-from-the-farm produce are worth it.  With the added bonus of helping local farmers.  Unfortunately we can’t afford to do all our shopping at locally owned businesses, but I do like to buy from local shops and farmers when we can.  {Also, I hate summer and one of the very few things that make summer not awful is the farmer’s market.}

So, that’s what’s going on with me.  What’s going on with you?

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