Moving Right Along!


It’s almost 8:30 pm on Day 3 of no restaurant food, and the streak is still going!  It’s sad how proud I am that we haven’t had restaurant food in three measly days, but I’m a fan of celebrating all victories.  Even if they appear to be awfully small.

Today was actually a win in the frugal day category.  I got a big ass medical bill in the mail yesterday, and with a couple of phone calls was able to determine my insurance was waiting to hear that we don’t have any other insurance, and now the claim will be reprocessed and I will owe little, if any.  My eyes almost popped out of my head when I opened the statement yesterday, so I was glad to be able to take care of it today.

And aside from that, I did nothing that involved money.  We stayed home today {ostensibly to clean, but we didn’t actually do that}, so we weren’t tempted into fast food.  And tempting though it always is, we didn’t order delivery either.  We did two things right today:

  1.  We had some soup in the vicinity of lunch time.  Sometimes we act like we only need one organized meal a day, which results in waiting, then getting too hungry and deciding to order enough food for 3 people, at least.  Today we had soup shortly after I woke Hubs, and that kept our bellies comfortable until a proper dinner hour AND until we could cook said proper dinner.
  2. We had planned ahead to have everything we needed for the dinner.  The chicken was already thawed and just needed to go in the oven.  On more than one occasion, we haven’t taken something out of the freezer in time for it to thaw and have used that as a {terrible} excuse to order take out.  This time we took the chicken out 2 days before we planned to use it to eliminate that problem.

We cooked bbq chicken, macaroni and cheese and steamed frozen veggies, all of which took little effort and is one of our favorite meals.  The trick was not “being too hungry to cook” and having everything ready to cook. We were on the ball today and scored a big win for the frugal team!

Now I’m enjoying a quiet evening with two very sleepy animals.  Happily watching your animals sleep is 100% free!

Tomorrow should be a fairly easy frugal day.  I did have to reschedule Ginger’s dental cleaning because we are supposed to get several inches of snow tonight.  It’s one of my life’s mottos, to not travel in snow unnecessarily, so I rescheduled til next week.  Because of said snow, we definitely won’t be going anywhere tomorrow.  That means no worries about fast food, fancy coffees, or buying anything in a store.  And because the chicken is thawed and just needs to go in the slow cooker, we have dinner taken care of too.

Tomorrow will also be menu-and-grocery-list day, with fingers optimistically crossed that the snow will melt enough for us to get out on Thursday.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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