At Least I Tried…


I decided to test out a tried and true frugal technique, and call my insurance company for an audit.  I hadn’t done one in several years now and I thought perhaps there were new discounts or some such that we might be eligible for.  I called, they audited, and as it turns out, we’re getting the best deal we can for our current needs.  We have liability and non-collision comprehensive coverage on the car.  Since the car is 12 years old and not worth much, it would cost more to have full coverage than the car would be worth if it had damage, so we dropped full coverage a couple years ago.  The only other insurance we have is renter’s insurance.  It’s not required by our landlord, but it costs us less than $10/mo, and if, God forbid, someone stole our stuff or there was a fire, we’d be really glad we spent that money to cover ourselves.

But being told we already have the best plans for our needs isn’t a frugal LOSS, so I was still glad I called and chatted with them, and now know for sure we’re optimized.  It didn’t turn out to be a big {or any} money saver, but I do appreciate the peace of mind.


And there was a victory today… it’s 10 pm, and we’ve made it through Day 4 without any restaurant food!  I’m so proud of us.  To most people 4 days without restaurant food is probably just normal life, but for us, it’s an accomplishment.  We’ve managed to in-source all our eating and cooking for 4 days now, and it has probably been at least 6 months, maybe more, since the last time we could say that.  Gold stars for Hubs and I!

I put chicken with potatoes and carrots in the slow cooker this afternoon, so not only did we have a delicious dinner to eat, but we got to smell the amazing scent all afternoon and evening while it cooked.  That’s the best part of slow cookers in my opinion.  After inhaling the aroma for hours, the food tastes twice as good as it would otherwise have tasted.

And in service of future frugal efforts, I made our menu and grocery list for the next week, and we’ll be shopping tomorrow.  We’re planning to have restaurant food tomorrow for lunch, then we need to do our grocery shopping and go to Costco.  After that, it will be back home to extend our streak of no unplanned restaurant food.  {I realize some people find eating out even once a week excessive and wasteful, but in all honesty, both of us love our dinners out and we’re never going to last if we try to ban it entirely.}

Hope you all had a good Hump Day!


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