Locked and Loaded!


As of today, we are finally back on our schedule of shopping on Thursdays, then cooking at home Fri-Wed.  Over the last few months we had gotten off track and sometimes went on Friday or Saturday, and some weeks we just didn’t go at all.  In some cases we were late because of the weather, but mostly we were just being horribly irresponsible with our money and ordering food or hitting up fast food places instead of shopping and cooking.

Consider that streak broken!

Today was actually quite a shopping day.  We were due for a trip to Costco, and we also needed to do our standard weekly grocery shopping.  Normally we would do that on two separate days, but knowing how restaurant food has a tendency to end up in our bellies if we go out, we decided instead to tackle it all today so that we won’t have to go do any shopping tomorrow.

Costco was a frugal win, despite the total looking awfully spendy.  Because of Ginger’s teeth problems, we are feeding her some canned food now also.  {And may have to switch entirely to canned after her dental cleaning and extractions.}  Quality canned dog food is expensive, even more so when you factor in wanting to continue feeding her a grain free diet.  Amazingly, Costco has a grain free “Turkey and Pea Stew” canned dog food that, with the portion size she eats per day, will cost about $.45/day.  Less if we don’t have to switch her exclusively to canned food.

Another pet food win at Costco is the grain free kibble for Beto.  They don’t carry a lot of types of cat food, but they do carry a grain free one, and he loves it.  We’ve been feeding both of them grain free for about 6 years now, and it only costs us about half what it did before we switched them to Costco food.  Because I’m sort of insane about my animals’ health, I checked into the food before we bought it and it seemed to have pretty good ratings for quality and health, especially for the price.  The first time we bought it, it was a “fingers crossed” undertaking, not knowing if they would like it.  Since it only comes in 50 lb {dog} and 30 lb {cat} bags, it was a risk.  Fortunately they both love it, including Ginger being a fan of the new “Turkey and Pea Stew”.

We also got toilet paper there, as we couldn’t decide if we were running low or not.  That’s one of the things we always buy there, so we figured better safe than sorry.  Other than those sundry non-food items, we browsed the store and picked up things that we knew were good deals, and that we use in large quantities.  We’ve gotten good enough at Costco shopping by now to typically know if something is a good deal or not.

And because blogs are better with photos, here are the pet food eaters.  Beto is laying on Hub’s coat, on top of his bag of food, on top of the toilet paper, because we hadn’t gotten everything put away before he was ready for a nap.


By the time we were finished at Costco, we had a full trunk.  I have a very small car.  So we headed home, dropped off everything, and then set off to finish the rest of our shopping.  Most everything else was the same ol’ same ol’.  First to Aldi for the bulk of the shopping, then to Fresh Thyme for a few things they had good sales on.  Finished up at Walmart, and from Walmart we got $6.50 worth of Ibotta rebates while buying things we need and will use.

{Interested in money saving app Ibotta?  We’ve saved a real chunk of change over the last couple of years and I highly recommend it!  If you’re not already a user and decide to download it, please consider using my referral code, “rwkilve”.}

We also had our one weekly planned meal out.  We just grabbed fast food, since we had so much to get done today.  It wasn’t 5 star food, but it was tasty and easy.  Now we’re back to being sworn off any restaurant food until next Thursday!

And tonight, I am thankful it is Hub’s night off because we need to find places for all the big boxes from Costco, and get the kitchen clean.  That way we can start tomorrow ready to prepare all our meals at home.

Hope everyone’s having a great end to the work week!

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