One Week In…

Throwing this one out there for all the 90’s lovers!

Tonight wraps up one full week of working to live frugally again.  We began last Sunday, and tonight, Saturday, brings us a full 7 days into it.  So far we’re hanging in there like champs!

The one major thing we’ve done is that today makes 7 days without any unplanned restaurant food.  Take out, fast food, or otherwise.  We had lunch out on Thursday when we went grocery shopping, but that was part of the plan.  We’re now at one full week without making up {lame} excuses to get fast food or delivery.  Wahoo!  My estimate is that this has saved us roughly $150, when you calculate the difference between the cost of groceries and the cost of restaurant food.  Yes, in one week.

Other than today being the 1 week day, nothing much of import has gone on.  I checked the rewards on all our credit cards and cashed out for a $25 Amazon card, which we will save for the next time we actually need something from Amazon, and I’m having a $97 check mailed to us with rewards from another card.  Neither are large amounts, but every little bit helps.  The $97 is going to go in savings.  Even though we have some debt, I really feel like we need to build up our savings a little more before we go gung ho on paying it off.  As Mrs. Frugalwoods is fond of saying… no one ever wished they had less money in savings!

Otherwise, the only major thing we did was cook dinner, and we cooked enough for today and tomorrow.  I made a big pot of meat and bean chili, lots more beans than meat, and stirred some elbow macaroni in it to stretch it.  We had big bowls for dinner, along with some steamed veggies, and have plenty left for tomorrow.  By my calculations, it’s costing us ~$4/meal {$2 per person} to make this, and it’s every bit as tasty as restaurant food.  Just took a little bit of effort.

For the rest of the night, I’m going to read blogs, chat with friends, and relax.  Hubs has to work on Saturday nights, so it’s always a quiet night for me.  Hope you’re all having a wonderful early Spring weekend!

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