Getting Some Ducks In a Row


I decided to assign myself some real, adult tasks today, and I’ve actually accomplished a few things!

  1.  I checked our savings account through Capital One to determine how much we have in there right now.  Sadly only $1560, but that’s only for now!
  2. Counted the money we had on hand here.  We pay for most things with cash, and Hubs puts the money leftover as well as the money we have to store away each week in a drawer, to be accessed when we need to put it in the bank to pay a bill.  We’d gotten a bit ahead on it because, unfortunately, we have used credit cards some.  But the upside to that is that we had extra money on hand that can be filtered into the Capital One savings account to gather {a little} interest and be safe from our greedy paws for now.
  3. Checked the balance of our savings account with our regular bank.  We have money automatically deposited there, and typically we keep $100 in that account and the rest in the Capital One account.  I found we have $200 in there right now, so that’s another $100 to move to the Capital One account.
  4. Had a discussion about financial plans with Hubs.  We’re in agreement that we will put all our spare money into our Capital One savings account until we have a solid $5000 in there.  That’ll only be about 2 months of living expenses, but I feel like we need to get on the ball about paying off debt. Some experts recommend only having a $1k emergency account and throwing everything else at debt, but I don’t feel comfortable having such a small amount.  So we’ll compromise and do $5k, which should be enough to cover most emergencies.  Since we are renters, we don’t have to worry about things like suddenly needing a new roof or furnace, so that helps protect us some against financial pitfalls.
  5. Looked into Hubs 401(k) plan.  Sadly we have not been contributing to it, and I didn’t even know what the specifics of the plan are.  Turns out his company will 100% match up to 4% of his salary being deposited in the 401(k).  So I did some math, we talked about it, and decided we can live without that 4% in order to get the match from the company, and to start building some funds.  Unfortunately it won’t be a lot, but it’s better that what we have been contributing.  And once we have a funded emergency fund and our debt paid off, we can increase the deposits to the 401(k).

I managed to do quite a lot with our money today, considering it was a Sunday and nothing is open.  Horray for being able to get information online!  Now we know better where we stand and have taken some positive steps to improve our financial health.  I’m feeling pretty good about that right now!

And it was a lovely day aside from financial accomplishments as well!  We took Ginger to the park and let her run and play in the woods.  The weather was glorious.  Still no signs of Spring, though.  Looks like we’re having a late one this year.

Also, we are at 8 days without any unplanned restaurant food.  We had sandwiches before we went to the park, and leftover chili for dinner.  I will never understand people that abhor leftovers — it’s tasty dinner, sans effort!  My favorite kind!

Hope everyone’s first weekend of Spring was a lovely one!

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  1. Good for you for your eating at home streak.
    I agree your husband should be contributing to the matching funds plan. You may not even notice the 4% as it will be taken out pretax.


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