My Tough Little Baby…


That little baby went to the vet this morning for her teeth cleaning and extractions.  They ended up taking 6 teeth, poor thing.  But the vet said she was a sweetheart {only because she was too scared to be her usual must-kill-strangers self}, and she took it all like a champ.  It was the longest day ever, waiting for time to go pick her up.

The one really good part?  It cost less than $400 for the cleaning and the 6 extractions!  At the vet we went to on the other side of town, it would’ve cost nearly 3 times that.  I’m really glad we decided to switch to a closer vet. So far we’ve had really great experiences with them, and saving $600-$800 or more is not chump change!

Now she’s sandwiched between her dad’s leg the back of the futon while he reads.


So happy my baby’s procedure is done and I don’t have to worry anymore!

Hope everyone’s had a great week so far!


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