Shiny Floors and Grocery Stores…


We’ve had trouble finding a good solution for mopping our hard floors since we moved into this townhouse last year.  Hubs is in charge of floor maintenance because of my back problems, and he’d tried several things to clean the floors.  We weren’t especially satisfied with any of them.

Part of the problem is that I adamantly insist on using entirely non-toxic cleaners.  I don’t want to worry that if one of the fur babies eats something off the floor, they will be poisoned.  So we use natural cleaners for everything in the house.

I’m sure some of you are shouting “Vinegar!” at the screen, and while it is true that vinegar does a fabulous job of cleaning pretty much everything, I cannot abide the smell.  Not even long enough to clean.  The smell of vinegar turns my stomach, and the only way I can use it in cleaning products is if it’s heavily diluted and scented with essential oils.  Because of this, we buy natural cleaners.  But we do it frugally.

All our cleaning supplies come from Grove Collaborative.  They have great prices on all sorts of natural products for the home, and when you sign up as a new customer they send you a great freebie package if you spend $20.  {If you decide to sign up, it’d be pretty awesome if you used my link!  My referral link.}  You can conveniently set up products you use regularly on a recurring delivery schedule if you like.  We don’t currently have anything set up for delivery because the products we use tend to last a long time and I never really know when we will need them again.  So I just order on an as-needed basis.

However, after using this floor cleaner, we may set that up on a delivery schedule.  It worked better than anything we’ve tried, and the Ginger Yuzu scent smells amazing.  As long as it’s natural fragrances, I love to use scented cleaners.  It’s like getting a little reward every time you clean!  Now our floors smell amazing and are shiny to boot!

Our overflowing pantry.  Yes, that is a case of energy drinks on the floor.  We get them from Costco so they are not so expensive, and I fully rely on them to get myself going in the mornings.

We’ve been productive little buggers today, as not only did we clean, sweep, and mop… but we also did the weekly grocery shopping.  Which was very easy on the budget this week.  Our pantry overfloweth. {Literally, there are tons of cans stacked in the floor.}  We decided instead of continuing to buy things and stack them in the floor, we should root around on the pantry shelf and see what was there taking up so much room.  We learned we have nearly a lifetime supply of canned beans, owing to the fact we always think we have none and buy multiple cans every time.  Now we have about two dozen cans of beans.  I think we’re set for a while.  We also found a few jars of pasta sauces and several boxes of noodles.  So when I made the menu for this week, we planned a few meals using pantry ingredients, including a perennial frugal favorite, beans and rice.

Despite our shortened grocery list, we still had to hit 4 stores. We were in and out of each of them quickly though, save for waiting for them to grind some fresh 93% lean ground beef at Fresh Thyme.  We rarely use ground beef because of it’s expense compared to ground turkey, but it was on sale at an unbeatable price this week.  So we’re having not one, but TWO meals with lean ground beef.  It will be a treat indeed!

Aside from the great deal on ground beef, the other well priced treasure of the week was garden soil at Aldi.  We’re planning on planting 2 bell pepper plants {because I have 2 pots on the patio!} and a couple of smaller pots of herbs.  I think the two bags of garden soil we bought today will be enough to fill those containers, and it’s pre-fertilized for both my ease and lack of expense.  As chilly as it remains, it’s definitely going to be a while longer yet before I’m planting anything.  But at $2 something a bag, I figured we better snap it up while we could.  {For anyone who isn’t familiar with Aldi, they get in non-food items for brief periods, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.  So if it’s something you want, you should get it while it’s there, as it likely will not be the next time you look.}

After a day of shopping and cleaning, we rounded out the evening by tossing a frozen pizza in the oven to bake as a late dinner.  So glad we went to Costco the other day and got those.  Since we were both pretty tired, a quick, easy meal was almost worth it’s weight in gold.

Hope everyone’s having a great week!


  1. Good morning. My pantry is bigger but it looks about like yours, things on the floor and too many forgotten things.
    No judgement about the energy drinks. I say do what works for you.
    I keep easy meal things for “those” days too- frozen pizza, homemade chili and taco meat in the freezer, chicken strips and tater tots….. and sometimes husband eats Ramen and I eat cereal.


    1. Glad to know I’m not the only one with the overflowing pantry. It’s easy to let them get out of control. If I had enough room in my freezer I’d store a lot more homemade stuff for lazy evenings but we have such a tiny freezer and no room for a chest freezer. Those pizzas are gonna come in handy though!

      Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂


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