Frugal Experimentation Success!

As I’ve mentioned in some previous entries, I’m striving for Hubs and I to eat a healthier diet while also eating more frugally. There are two distinct camps on this matter.  The camp that says it’s super expensive to eat healthy, and the camp that says it’s much cheaper to eat healthy.  I find the truth lies somewhere in between and depends on how you approach the matter.

If you buy fancy health foods at organic supermarkets, then yes… it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to maintain a healthy diet.  If you live on name brand junk food and expensive cuts of fatty meat, then yes… it’s cheaper to eat healthier.  That said, I think it is 100% possible to eat a healthy diet on a reasonable budget, but it may take a little work.

Work?  Not work!  Yes, work.  It starts with scanning the ads for local stores {if you are fortunate enough to, like us, have multiple stores nearby}.  See what kind of healthy foods are on sale at the stores, then use those items to plan your menu for the week.  The other aspect of working to eat a healthier diet is preparing more of your food from scratch.  For the most part, buying ingredients and making things yourself is going to save you big bucks over time.  It may be a bit of a time and energy investment, but I think you will find that, in many cases, it’s not as time consuming and difficult as you thought it would be and the payoff is well worth it.

As mentioned, a very important part of eating a frugal, healthy diet is to eat the healthy foods that are on sale.  Some healthy foods are perennially cheap, such as, say… bananas or carrots.  Others can swing widely based on the time of year for produce, holiday seasons, and simple sales put on by the store.  The advantage of shopping sale items is that it gives you variety in your diet, which for me is important.  I don’t mind to eat the same thing a couple of times in a row {I’m a fan of leftovers!}, but I don’t want to eat ONLY bananas for fruit forever and ever amen.

While shopping the ads this week, I discovered that one of the stores had Brussels sprouts on sale for $.88/lb.  That’s a crazy good price for pretty much any kind of produce.  Unfortunately I had only ever tried them once, and hated them.  I don’t recall how I fixed them, but I ended up tossing them.  I had since been told by wise foodies that roasting them is the way to go, though, and that even if I hadn’t liked them before, I would like them roasted.  I figured for $.88/lb, I’d give it a try.  Verdict?

20180330_194153.jpg They were amazing!  Roasting them took away the bitterness I remembered from having made them previously, and I loved the bit of crunch the outer leaves took on.

I followed this simple recipe, with the only change being the addition of a bit of salt and pepper.  I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of garlic, as I am, but if not, simply using olive oil, salt and pepper would be delicious as well I am sure.  I think the more important part is the actual roasting process making them sweeter and giving them a more mellow flavor.

We had burgers made with lean ground beef, also bought on sale, with our roasted Brussels sprouts, and it was a delicious, mostly healthy dinner that was frugal to boot.  We could’ve made it healthier by having whole wheat buns for our burgers, but in all honesty I’m just not a big fan of whole wheat buns. Still, it was mostly healthy and totally frugal.  And we’ve learned Brussels sprouts are a healthy food we can work into our regular rotation, especially when they are on sale!

What kind of healthy, frugal foods have you had lately?

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