April Plans and Goals

Finally, Spring is arriving!

Happy April, and Happy Easter for those of you that celebrate.  It’s not much of a holiday around my parts, as we don’t go to church and don’t have kids to hide Easter eggs for.  The upshot to this is that there aren’t any holiday costs incurred on Easter for us.  {And while it is absolutely possible to celebrate holidays frugally, they do almost always add SOME cost.  That said, I am not at all a fan of skipping holidays that you enjoy celebrating.  Frugal living is not about miserly unhappiness!}  Our celebration entailed taking Ginger to the park to play, and making dinner with Hubs this evening.  The absolute highlight of the whole day was arriving at the park to find there are finally some flowers in bloom.  Spring is very late arriving this year.

I’m a big fan of fresh starts, so when things like the beginning of the month and the beginning of the week happen at the same time, it’s somewhat akin to the planets aligning.  I feel like it’s a particularly auspicious time to get myself together and set some goals to accomplish.  With that in mind, here’s what I hope to accomplish in April:

  1. Restaurant food only 5 times.  We will be going grocery shopping 4 times during the month of April, so those will account for 4 of the days.  I’m throwing in one additional meal out to be used sometime during the month, and every other bite of food we eat must be made at home.

    Overflowing Pantry
  2. Spend only $110 each week at the grocery store.  Typically I budget for $150, but as have an overflowing pantry and lots of food, we can make meals from. We will have to buy a few things,  but if we shop the pantry first I think we can easily cut the food budget back to $110/wk for the month of April.  That extra money will go immediately into savings to get us closer to our Emergency Savings goal.
  3. Spend less than $10 on non-food household items for the month.  As far as I can see right now, we will not need any non-food items in the month of April.  So I am giving us $10 for something potentially overlooked but necessary, and otherwise, no household spending outside groceries until the first of May.
  4. Get the oil changed in the car.  We are overdue for an oil change and I really want to get it done this month and not let it go on any longer. Proper maintenance is so important to the longevity of a vehicle.
  5. Wrap up what will hopefully be the last of the large expenses for a while and take Ginger and Beto in to get their shots updated, and have Beto’s teeth cleaned if the vet feels it needs to be done.  {Spoiler alert:  He’s 11, he’s probably going to have to have them cleaned.}
  6. Work harder on buying and cooking healthier foods, and eating less junk.

    And because this blog is Frugal Living And CRAFTING…

  7. Make cards with one of my pre-made kits at least once this month.
  8. Have my good friend and sewing teacher over for a lesson at least once this month.
Single flower struggling to grow between the sticks.


I think those are some pretty worthy goals, and should keep me well occupied for the month of April.  I’ll check in periodically with updates on them.  Hopefully I will meet, and even exceed, all these goals and find myself at the end of April with a list of accomplished tasks and some extra money in savings!

Hope everyone’s April is getting off to a great start, and that you were blessed with some lovely weather today!


  1. Good morning. I think you have a very reasonable and productive set of goals. We have the opposite set of vet bills with our new puppy. We got him right after Christmas, He has had 4 vet visits and will have another one soon to get him neutered. Thankfully our vet clinic is very reasonable and we love our puppy so it’s worth it.
    I changed your blog address in my reader list. I’m not surprised you’re getting traffic. People seem to seriously keep up with the blogs on my sidebar.

    I’ve got some April goals too and will blog them soon.
    Have a good week!


    1. Aw, new puppy! How sweet! I totally agree with you — the vet bills are 100% worth it. One of the blogs I read had their doggy die in January and I just got to the post last night and cried my eyes out. So sad. Furbabies are treasures.

      Thank you for changing the address of my blog! People apparently really do follow the blogs on your sidebar! Looking forward to your April goals. 😀


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