April 2nd, One April Goal Complete!

My 13 year old KIA Spectra!

After posting yesterday that one of my goals for the month of April was to get the oil changed in my car, I figured… when better than now?  So last night I searched around online for oil change coupons, found one for a $24.95 oil change that came with all the extras like fluid and tire checks, and booked the appointment for this afternoon.  When it was time to wake Hubs up, we ate sandwiches from home {no fast food!} and headed to the oil change place.

I have to be honest I have a love-hate… well, mostly hate-hate… relationship with getting my oil changed.  I always love being finished with it and knowing I’ve taken care of my car, but I hate going and I REALLY hate the fact that they almost always find SOMETHING else wrong with the car.  Now, I grant you my car is 13 years old, and it’s to be expected that there will be problems.  But every time??  Today, though, the car gods must’ve been smiling on us. They checked everything and we left there for $24.95+ tax with a fresh oil change and topped off fluids. No other issues.  I practically skipped across the parking lot to the car!

After we finished up with the oil change we had to stop off at the pharmacy and pick up some of my meds.  So deeply, completely grateful for those manufacturer’s prescription cards.  They save me an arm and a leg on a couple of my meds.  Even with prescription coverage, they are still exorbitantly expensive.  Diabetes is a very costly illness.


20180402_170855.jpgWhen we got home, we took the break between last night’s snow and tonight’s thunderstorms to put out our few Spring decorations.  Just a few little stick characters and a door decoration from Dollar Tree.  We don’t have a whole lot of room for decorations, and since I’m on a spending freeze I can’t buy much, but I like giving a little bit of extra life to our front door and under the window.  {Also I’m hoping that if I put out some Spring decorations, Mother Nature will take the hint and get Spring going!  I am ever so over this snow and cold weather!}

We closed out a frugal day with a frugal dinner.  Since we’re mostly cooking from the pantry this week, we made used canned chicken and cream of chicken soup to mix with brown basmati rice to make creamy chicken and rice, with salad on the side.  Very frugal, very easy, and very tasty.

I’m feeling pretty good about the start to our April.  We accomplished one of our goals, did it frugally, and managed to avoid eating restaurant food on a day we would have been guaranteed to eat restaurant food in the past.  Let’s hope this portends an awesome month!

Hope everyone else’s April is getting off to a slam bang start as well!

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