Stormy, Frugal Days…

Mother Nature had a hand in my frugal day today.  We had severe storms, and were even under a tornado warning for 40 minutes, this afternoon and evening.  I’m sure not going to go out and spend money unnecessarily in that kind of weather, nor would I order anything and make someone else be out in it.  So that kept my money in my wallet, where it belongs.

My day mostly consisted of this…

Scared Ginger

Sitting on the couch with a scared Ginger next to me.  She doesn’t like thunderstorms, and for whatever reason, she’s a huge Mommy’s girl during them.  So we spent the evening on the couch hiding from thunderstorms and chatting with friends online.  I hate knowing she’s afraid, so whenever it’s storming I stop whatever I’m doing… including sleeping, if the storm wakes me up… and sit with her until it’s over.

That didn’t stop us from having a frugal dinner though!  Instead of cooking a more involved meal, we grabbed one of the $3 frozen pizzas out of the freezer and baked it, while steaming a $1 bag of veggies and mixing them with a pinch of cheese.  It certainly won’t win any health awards, but at least there were some veggies involved, instead of all pizza.  And the whole meal was about $4.25 for both of us if you count the cheese.  Not bad!

I didn’t entirely waste the day though.  I did some number crunching while we were sitting.  Financial experts say you should have 3-6 months of living expenses saved up, and I felt that was a worthy goal.  Problem was, I didn’t know exactly how much one month of mandatory expenses was for us.  You know, when you cut the unnecessary stuff and strip it back to the bare bones  So I did that math to find our number, and came up with about $1900, which includes bills and groceries, as our low end number.

So I whipped out my handy dandy calculator on my phone {Why yes, Mrs. Brown, I WILL always carry a calculator in my pocket!} and determined that 3 months of expenses for us would then be $5,700.  While I would love to have 6 months saved up, since we do have some debt I feel the smarter thing to do is focus on saving up 3 months, and then work on aggressively paying down our debt.

When the meager tax return we got transfers to savings, we will have $3500 in there.  That means we are $2200 away from our goal of $5700.  I’m going to wait until the end of April and see how much we can realistically save over the course of the month before estimating how long it will take to reach that goal, but we’ll be going at it full force.

And oh, yikes… storm seems to be blowing in again, so I need to take care of Ginger.  Enough rambling for tonight.  Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

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