It Helps To Visit The Right Ethnic Market

20180405_220539.jpg Today was grocery day, as Thursday is every week.  The last couple of times we made rice, we noted we were getting really close to the bottom of our 10 lb bag of brown basmati rice we got at Costco.  Costco no longer carries brown basmati rice, and because we were very fond of it, we decided to source it elsewhere.  Logically, an ethnic market, right?

Without thinking anything beyond “rice” and “ethnic market”, we went into an Asian market and were surprised to find they didn’t have any basmati rice.  After we left there, and were en route to the next one, I recalled that the bag we had at home said “India” on it, and then the realization dawned on me… basmati rice is Indian, not Asian.  Duh.  So instead we went to an Indian market, and behold… many bags of basmati rice.  But, we found this brown Sona Masoori rice that was $4 cheaper for a 10 lb bag.  {$10.99 vs $14.99 for 10 lbs}  Hubs did a quick Googling and found that Sona Masoori rice was also listed as being aromatic, which is what we liked so much about the basmati.  It smelled AMAZING when it cooked in the rice cooker.  So we decided to go for the Sona Masoori and save the $4, and see how we like it.

While we were there, I also picked up a bulk bag of chili powder.  We use a lot of chili powder, and the small bottles I was buying from spice sections weren’t lasting very long.  I have some Tupperware spice containers that hold a little more than 1 cup that will be arriving soon, and one of those will be perfect for the bulk chili powder.  It’s much cheaper to buy it that way, and also better for the environment because we aren’t throwing away plastic bottle after plastic bottle.

My April goal was for us to spend $110 or less each week on groceries.  This week we spent $103, and that was with an extra $11 in there for the bag of rice that will feed us for 6-8 months, and $4 for the large bag of chili powder that will serve for several months as well.  So we easily met my goal of $110/wk, and I believe we have plenty of food to eat without a need to buy anything from a restaurant.  Score!

20180405_212101.jpg Since we are not spending any money in service of entertainment, Hubs decided to get out a video game he got for Christmas and never played.  He hasn’t gamed much since Christmas and hadn’t gotten around to using it, but with a nice night off stretching before him and hours of leisure time to revel in, he decided to get it out and take it for a test run.  {Incidentally, this game was bought used, with a 50% off coupon.}  As you can see, Beto felt Hubs needed his assistance in playing the game, and he was only too happy to help!  We’re lucky to have such a useful boy.

And now we are off to take a late dinner of frozen battered fish fillets and fries out of the oven.  They may not be pub fish and chips quality, but they’re not half bad and they do serve to kill the craving!

Hope everyone’s had a great week so far!


  1. I’m a fan of buying in bulk, especially when it’s a good deal.
    You did some smart shopping!
    We don’t have a video game system but I never would of guessed that’s a s video game playing on your tv. It looks like a movie.


    1. Modern video games blow my mind with how much they look like movies. They’re just gorgeous to watch. There’s one video game that’s set in a sort of Nordic-influenced world and the scenery is so breathtaking that I think I’d pick going there over just about any place that actually exists. Definitely come a long way since the days of Atari!


  2. I was in college when Pong came out. I worked in a Sears in the snow department that was right next to the TV department. The men were just all glassy eyes watching that ping pong ball go back and forth on the tv screens. I kind of thought they were nuts!
    Your tv looks nothing like Pong.


    1. Ha! That story gave me a good chuckle. Amazing what was impressive at one time. I grew up in the era of Nintendo, but the only game I really played was Mario Bros {the first one!} I thought it looked awesome compared to some of the computer games I played at school. I never would’ve imagined that someday it would look like you were controlling your own movie. {Or Hubs is. The last video games I was any good at were for the first Playstation. Since then, they’ve changed how you move the characters and stuff in games and no matter how hard I try, I can’t catch on. So I just sit and watch now. Video games have passed me by. Lol}


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