Frugal Socializing, And Finally Some Crafting!

Tea Party


My dear friend and all-things-crafty teacher came over for a small tea party yesterday.  We typically go out for tea/brunch, but decided to do it at my place this time.  Partly for the frugality aspect of it.  I made a pot of delicious tea, which we drank in my mismatched antique teacups I’ve collected.  We had muffins {purchased from the grocery store rather than baked because I fell and hurt my knee and wasn’t up to baking} with our tea, and of course, great conversation.  For just the cost of a pot of tea and a couple of muffins, we got to spend time together and chat.  And it was the perfect time to use my lovely antique teacups, bought at thrift stores and on sale at antique stores, to add just a bit of fanciness to our little gathering.

Having a nice tea party wasn’t the only reason she came over, though.  The other goal was to teach me to knit!  Now, despite the fact the word “Crafting” is in the title of this blog, I have to be honest that I’m not particularly stellar at crafts.  I love to craft, but it doesn’t always love me.  So we didn’t really know what we’d be getting into when she volunteered to teach me.

Knitting needles


My Two Rows


What we DID know was that I had asked if I could borrow a set of knitting needles, to which she readily agreed, and offered some yarn as well.  Anyone that knows me could probably tell you that I have a bad habit of starting a hobby and promptly buying far too many accessories for said hobby.  Most of the time it’s not a huge tragedy because I do come back to the same hobbies over and over, but with something like knitting… who knew if I could do it at all?  Heaven knows I couldn’t crochet!  So instead of going out and buying $50 worth of knitting supplies before I ever touched a knitting needle, I decided to take the frugal path and ask if I could borrow some needles to practice with.  It’s a simple enough thing to go go get my own needles if I decided they were needed.

20180408_181936.jpgI’m happy to say, I made it two rows and was actually able to do it! It wasn’t perfect… or even good… but it was two knitted rows, and I did it!  I’ve since done a few more, and though I’ve made some big mistakes, I’m still working at it.  I’m going to keep working, and making mistakes I am sure, until I see her again on Sunday and we can have another lesson.  Because, as she wisely says, “You have to be willing to be bad at something long enough to get good.” and I think that’s 100% true.

I’m very proud of this frugal maneuver.  Borrowing the needles {and her donation of the thread} means I had no start up cost, and learning to knit will be endless frugal entertainment in the future.  Not to mention, I could potentially make frugal gifts if I got good at it.  Scarves, anyone?

Hope everyone had a good Monday!






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