5 Frugal Things I Happily Do

(Apologies for the fact the photos in this post have nothing to do with anything.  I didn’t have anything to particularly illustrate it, so I just stuck in some stuff because all posts need photos!}

Snuggly Ginger

There are a multitude of things one can do to save money.  And without a doubt, some are easier than others.  Also, some are easier for SOME PEOPLE than others.  Not everyone can be happy living by the same frugal guidelines, and unless you are in a life and death situation with your finances, you should be happily frugal.  {Of course, for a lot of us, being “happy” involves buying all the things, and so we may have some work to do on our psyches before we learn to be happy without all the things.  But when we do that work and uncover what TRULY makes us happy, life will get a lot easier!}

I was thinking about this notion earlier while having a discussion with my bestie, that made me ponder things I am happy to do with out, or do frugally, that she could never abide.  So I thought I’d turn it into a post of 5 frugal habits that are easy for me.

The Christmas train and village set up at the main library branch downtown
  1.  The first, is the topic of the discussion with my bestie.  Meatless meals.  Hubs and I typically have meals sans meat at least a couple of times per week.  We eat a lot of beans and rice or egg dishes.  She was mortified at the thought of my serving her beans and rice without some meat in it.  But beans and rice, cooked with different sauces, herbs, spices, and sometimes different cheeses, is simply a weekly staple of our diets.  It’s frugal, and those meals are always healthy.  And because we are fortunate enough that we both ENJOY meatless meals, it isn’t a hardship for us.  We’re both definitely meat eaters and would never give up meat entirely, but a day or two per week is easy peasy.
  2. Buying generic brands.  This one has come naturally to me since childhood.  I grew up eating the generic brands of most foods, if there was one available.  The summer after I graduated, I worked at a discount grocery store where 90% of what they sold was proprietary brand.  I worked there with my mom, and most of our groceries came from there.  Hubs has a few things he refuses to eat in generic brand, but for  the most part, we buy store brand when it’s available.  Especially since we do a very large percentage of our shopping at Aldi now, which sells few name brands.

    My view when I wake up to find Beto on top of me
  3. Wear our clothing more than once.  We have “home” clothes and “out” clothes.  Out clothes go on just before we leave to go somewhere, and come off when we come home.  Unless we do something to get dirty or spill something on them, or sweat, God forbid, we typically wear our out clothes 2-3 times before we wash them.  Home clothes are usually worn for a couple of days unless we get them dirty.  This saves money in 2 ways:  1.  We do fewer loads of laundry, which means less water, detergent and electricity and 2.  Less wear and tear on our clothing, so that they last longer.

    My favorite magnet on my fridge
  4. Drink tap water.  We are fortunate enough to have tap water that is just fine for drinking.  So rather than buying bottled water {bad for the wallet, bad for the environment}, we simply have 2 gallon jugs that we refill to have water in the fridge.  It tastes fine, and because I tend to drink a LOT of water {12-16 glasses most days}, it saves us a LOT of money.  I realize some people are not blessed with drinkable water from their tap, but if you are, and you are buying bottled water anyway… that’s a huge chunk of change you’re pouring down the sink.
  5. Not having cable.  We had cable for the first 15 or so years we lived in Columbus.  At first, we were typical tv addicts, watching it almost every waking hour.  Over the years, our tv watching time waned.  And with the rise of Netflix, our cable watching waned even more.  Finally we realized we were paying a mint for the privilege of watching not more than an hour of cable some months.  So we, cut the cable, pardon the pun, and saved ourselves over $100/mo.  We still have streaming services that we actually DO use, and that cost about 1/3 what we paid for cable.  We’re saving at least $1200/year just by giving up something we weren’t taking advantage of anyway.  If only cutting all expenses were so easy!

As I said, there are a plethora of methods of saving money.  These are just 5 that work, and work easily, for us.  If you aren’t already doing some of them, give them a try and see if they work for you as well!

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