Spring Has… Sprung?


Hubs and I went to the library today, and noticed for the first time that there’s some life in the flora of the area!  I hadn’t been out in a couple of days, and even the last couple of times I was out, it wasn’t in areas with dogwoods or other early bloomers, so today was my first time seeing the lovely blooms this year.  They’re late, but they’re here!

Of course, what you CAN’T see about this photo is that it was taken during a brief reprieve from the snow that dogged us all day.  The flowers were beautiful, but for most of the day they had to be admired between flakes of snow.  On April 16th.  Mother Nature is mayhap a bit confused.  But Spring IS coming, and seeing the dogwood blooms today confirmed it.  I almost decided to stay home today, despite needing to pick a book up at the library, because I didn’t want to be out in the snow.  In the end I’m glad I went because the lovely pink and white flowers I saw did much more for my psyche than the damage from the flurries that continue to plague us.


Hubs and I at the park, May 2015


With the coming of Spring will be a couple of fun, frugal activities for Hubs and I.  Namely, parks and picnics!  We love to go walk on trails at parks, and I often pack us a picnic lunch to take along so that we stay out of the drive thru.  Nothing complicated, just a couple of sandwiches and some chips usually.  Maybe apples with peanut butter for dessert or for an after-hike snack.  We used to get fast food to take to the parks to eat, but what I realized was that my enjoyment came from eating alfresco at the park and enjoying the weather, and I was just as happy with a turkey sandwich or pb&j packed from home as I was with fast food.  The actual hiking itself is entirely free, since we are going to Metro parks that have no fee for entrance.  So other than the cost of gas {which is not much, since we have a small car that doesn’t use a lot}, and the price of some sandwiches from home, we have a whole afternoon worth of entertainment.  Hopefully this current snow is Winter’s last hurrah and in the next couple of weeks Spring will fully arrive!

20180416_181627.jpgSince Spring is taking it’s time arriving outside, I decided usher in it’s arrival inside.  My mom is a master crocheter and I asked her several months ago to make some place mats for me in different colors.  She sent me a whole boxful {including the pink ones from this tea party}.  I decided to pull out the yellow and orange, match them up with my antique metal bowl {purchased at a deep discount at a small antique shop} and liven my table up for Spring.

It’s amazing how much difference just some place mats can make for a table!  Obviously these were free for me, since they were made by my mom, but over the years I’ve found several sets at thrift stores as well.  Cleaning off the table and tossing down some place mats makes the room instantly look tidier, and adds an easy decorative flair.  If you want something to go in the center of your table, keep your eye out at thrift stores for bowls or containers with multiple colors in them, so you can match them with more than one type of place mat.  If you don’t have, or want, something for the center, a patterned place mat set will serve the purpose perfectly.

Certainly buying ANYTHING to decorate with isn’t the most frugal way to live your life, but it’s about joyful frugality for me.  I like to have my home decorated with things I find pleasing.  Not expensive things, not a lot of things, but a few things, sourced frugally, that make me happy.  I spend a lot of my time at home, and being surrounded by things I love is fulfilling for me.  {Not to mention, I think most of us are more inclined to invite others into our homes when we are content with how our homes look.  For some of us that involves a few decorative touches here and there.  For others it only requires an entirely functional space.  Remember, your frugality is just that… YOURS.}

Nothing else of significance to post about at the moment, just thought I’d pop by with an update and share the signs of Spring.  Hope everyone had a fabulous Monday!



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