Week One For Health and The Continuing Frugal Journey….

20180425_123311.jpg I went to my first Weight Watcher’s weigh in today, since joining last week.  If I was still on the fence at all about whether it was worth the money, I no longer am.  For one, I am down 8.8 lbs!  Woo hoo!  Party party!  And for two, the meeting was just really great.  People were kind and helpful, and it’s so motivational to be in a group of people working so hard for the same goal.  And, not gonna lie — I was pretty jazzed about the 5 lbs lost charm!  It’s just a little trinket, but it made me smile.  It’s nice to have a small token to remind myself that I AM doing this.  As anyone that has ever lost weight… or tried to lose weight… knows, it’s hard!  So I’ll take all the help I can get.

And though I am doing Weight Watchers, I’m doing it frugally!  Yes, I’m paying for the plan.  I got special pricing on it, and aside from that, I’m perfectly fine with the money I’m spending on it because it is worth every penny to me.  But my diet itself is still frugalized.  It’s somewhat less frugal than if I weren’t focusing so carefully on health because the very cheapest foods aren’t the healthiest, but it’s also entirely possible to eat a healthy diet without spending a fortune.  Which is precisely what I’ve done the past week, and am planning to do for the next week.

Today I sat down with the store circulars, shopped our pantry, fridge, and freezer, and made a menu.  I’ll be eating lots of strawberries, blueberries and bananas, because they are on sale.  We are having chili lime roasted cauliflower again {recipe here, it’s delicious!}, fresh green beans, and corn on the cob.  All on sale as well.  Chicken breast, lean ground turkey, canned tuna, eggs and beans for our proteins, either on sale or just naturally frugally priced.

I have to say, I really did worry that when I started to eat healthier I wouldn’t be able to continue to eat frugally.  But where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Maybe I can’t eat the exact foods I want to eat every week because they don’t happen to be on sale and are just too expensive, but I CAN eat healthy foods week in and week out without breaking the bank.  It just takes a little forethought, planning, and willingness to shop the sales.

And, with apologies for a shortened, picture light blog, I must bid you adieu for the evening.  My insomnia visited me last night and I only slept 2 hours and my brain is ready to short circuit.  Hope you all had a spiffy Hump Day!

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